Respiratory Management for Coronavirus Pneumonia

Severe Coronavirus Pneumonia

  • 200mmHg≤P/F<300mmHg


    Flow rate 40~50L/min,

    FiO2 100%, observe for 2h

  • 150mmHg≤P/F<200mmHg


    IPAP 8~12cmH2O,EPAP

    5~8cmH2O, FiO2 100%, observe for 2h

  • P/F<150mmHg

    Tracheal intubation invasive ventilation

    Vt 6ml/kg(IBM),PEEP

    8~10cmH2O, RR 20 times/min, FiO2 100%


Quoted from the Chinese Journal of Critical Care Medicine(Electronic Edition) "Expert Recommendations

on Respiratory Management Procedures for Severe Coronavirus Pneumonia"

  • V3 is a turbine based respiratory support platform that can handle a variety of scenarios, including bedside ventilation and intra-hospital transport.

  • The interface is simple and intuitive and can be easily mastered by caregivers without complicated training.

  • Comprehensive ventilation modes, covering critical and subcritical respiratory therapy for adult/pediatric patients

  • High-performance corepower unit with durability and ultra-high-speed flow and stable ventilation to meet various demands for respiratory support

Multifunctional Ventilator
From intra- hospital emergency transport to critical care, V3 provides whole respiratory therapy solutions.
Safe and Stable Intra- hospital Emergency Transport
The turbine based ventilator does not rely on a high- pressure air source and can directly use indoor air for during transportation.
  • Easy-to-disassemble trolley

  • Small and lightweight mainframe

  • Built-in high-capacity lithium battery

Professional and Efficient Critical Care
With extensive ventilation modes and smart sync techs, V3 offers a whole range of treatment: O2 therapy- monitoring- weaning.
  • V3

    Non- invasive therapy - NIV and O2 therapy

    • Outstanding leakage compensation

    • Ultra-silent turbine

    • Smart synchronized breathing

  • V3

    Non- invasive therapy - NIV and O2 therapy

    • Comprehensive ventilation modes

    • Weaning instructions

  • V3

    Non- invasive therapy - NIV and O2 therapy

    • Extensive monitoring parameters

    • Intuitive waveform & parameter display

Extensive Respiratory Management
V3 has a comprehensive range of ventilation modes and special features that meet the requirements of intensive care respiratory therapy.
It fully supports the various treatment needs of ICU, PACU, RICU, EICU, PICU and other wards.
High Performance, Power Unit
V3 features well- designed double valves and high- performance turbines to ensure efficient operation of the ventilation.
V3 is designed in strict accordance with the environmental standards of the transport ventilators, and has better durability than conventional ventilators.

According to the latest CE standards, the inhalation and exhalation valves must be detachable and autoclavable to reduce the risk of hospital infections.

Easy to Use
The V3 screen can be flipped freely to the best viewing angle For the most comfortable operating experience.
IntelliSynTec technology: Auto adjust the [expiratory trigger] to the optimal value based on the characteristics of the patient’s lungs , which makes breathing more comfortable for the patients and reduces frequent adjustments of the ventilator settings during treatment. This effectively reduces the workload of caregivers while ensuring better synchronization.
  • Patient type

  • Waveform measurement tool

  • Automatic alarm limit

Benefit from the intuitive UI design of V3, it only takes two steps to adjust ventilation parameters.

The functional layout is clinically applicable, and what you think is what you get.

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