Neonatal Ventilator
Reduce intubation rates, we've been making our efforts
In order to reduce the damage caused by invasive ventilation to newborns/infants, Comen works hand in hand with clinical experts and launches NV9, a high-end non-invasive ventilator that fits well with clinical practice. NV9 provides an all-in-one non-invasive ventilation solution with PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure) as high as 20cmH2O. The comprehensive ventilation modes and pressure performance help ensure that newborns can avoid tracheal intubation.
All-in-one non-invasive ventilation solution
NV9 is the first non-invasive ventilator in China that can provide NIPPV and SNIPPV for newborns. Clinical studies have proven that NIPPV/SNIPPV mode can effectively reduce intubation rate and increase the success rate of invasive ventilation withdrawal. The comprehensive and leading non-invasive ventilation mode provides more choices for clinical care.
Safe, comfortable and fully compatible accessories
Equipped with NV8 NV Flow /Neo.Flow pressure generator, which is safe, comfortable and features good sealing performance Fully compatible with infant flow/infant flow LP/medijet and other brands to meet different clinical needs. A wide range of nasal plugs and nasal masks to meet the needs of premature babies and infants
Monitor all the time and respond to apnea with intelligent synchronization
The NV9 provides reliable respiratory monitoring through an abdominal respiratory sensor, and the NCPAP mode features an apnea wake-up function, which effectively reduces the incidence of apnea.
Abdominal respiratory sensors.
With 10 levels of sensitivity settings, the accuracy of breathing synchronization in SNIPPV mode can reach more than 90%.
Industry-leading performance indicators
nspiratory pressure is an important indicator of noninvasive ventilation in newborns, and the NV9 provides industry-leading inspiratory pressure. The PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure) is up to 20cmH2O, allowing NV9 to ensure curative effects and expand the scope of non-invasive ventilation treatment.
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