Neonatal Patient Monitor

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From the first moment of life

Excellent parameter measurement

  • ExNeo Neonatal ECG Technology

    Motion interference is greatly filtered out, while the integrity of the ECG signal is retained to the greatest extent,improving the accuracy of heart rate detection.

  • Adap-DSP adaptive signal blood pressure processing algorithm

    Improve anti-interference performance in motion, optimize the low blood pressure measurement algorithm, faster, more accurate, and safer, obtain results in one measurement, reduce repeated measurements, and improve efficiency.

  • Masimo SET Neonatal Oximetry

    Ensures accurate newborn measurements even with very low perfusion and body motion

Exclusive innovative features


Convenient control experience

  • 点 8.4-inch TFT touch screen, touch and jog dial dual operation
  • 点 Support handwriting, Pinyin, Wubi, and English input methods to quickly enter patient information.
  • 点 Small, light and easy to carry
  • 点 Fanless design, ultra quiet
点 Multiple bracket solutions for easy mounting on walls, carts or infusion poles, making full use of limited space
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