V2/V5 Ventilator
V2/V5 Ventilator
Technology Guides Greatness

Redefining the ICU Ventilator


To cope with present and potential clinical challenges, V5 is equipped with a turbine-driven system. Advanced ventilation modes and comprehensively monitored parameters allow medical providers to step closer to the complete clinical picture of patients. A 15.6-inch TFT touchscreen with an intuitive UI system facilitates a smooth workflow: V5, a solution for modern respiratory support.

Turbine-driven System, Flexible Options

Rather than connecting an air compressor or a central air supply system, the ventilator with a turbine unleashes its mobility and flexibility. Upgraded control algorithms of the turbine ensure strong power.

Turbine-driven System, Flexible Options

· Ultra-sensitive response

· Noise ≤ 45dB

· Maximum flow rate≥ 210L/min

· Minimum lifespan ≥ 20,000 hrs

Expand the Capability

The screen can be installed on the ceiling pendant to save space on the floor between bed intervals. For the infectious department, the screen can be put outside the ward. The medical providers can control the screen outside, and the main unit works beside the patient.

Expand the Capability

Equipped with a trolley, two-cylinder brackets, and built-in lithium batteries with 300 minutes capacity. V5 meets the needs of intra-hospital transportation.

Sequential Treatments

Sequential Treatments

With 18 ventilation modes available, V8 provides full patient support throughout their treatment journey, from admission to discharge. Our ventilators can assist patients in various stages, from intubation to weaning,
invasive to non-invasive ventilation, and even during high-flow oxygen therapy. Our V8 ventilator will meet all
your needs without switching between different devices during recovery.

Advanced Breathing Support

CPR Assisting Tools


Brand new iV-Cycle technology gives V5 the ability to sense a patient's demand for both of inspiration and expiration intelligently and improves human-machine synchronization.


All-round Monitoring, Better Diagnosing

100+ parameters monitoring guarantees patient safety.

  • ST Graphic

    Weaning Tools

    SBT, P0.1, NIF, RSBI
    To prevent reintubation by referring highly accurate weaning index.

  • EWS

    Lung Protective Tools

    The Stress Index, the C20/C Index, the Transpulmonary Pressure, the PV tool, and Lung Recruitment tool (SI) To reduce ventilation associated lung injuries(VALI) and length of stay.

  • SepsisSight

    Energy Metabolism Calculation

    Calculating a patient‘s energy expenditure guides rational nutritional support and prevents under- or over-nutrition.

  • GCS

    Alveoli Ventilation Calculation

    Measuring alveolar dead space, alveolar tidal volume, oxygenation index and helping medical providers to assess patient ventilation, respiration, and oxygenation.

Accurate Oxygenation, Smart Assessment

  • Accurate Oxygenation, Smart  Assessment
  • Collecting data from high-flow oxygen therapy patients for accurately assessing the prognosis status of ARDS. When there is no arterial blood gas analysis, the oxygenation index will assist in the prediction and prognosis judgment of respiratory diseases.

    Accurate Oxygenation, Smart  Assessment

Efficient Communication, Intelligent Interconnection

Ventilators connect with syringe pumps, monitors, and intensive care information systems, forming a critical care solution. Such a network will energize hospital clinical service, research, and management and bring hospitals to a new level.

Efficient Communication, Intelligent Interconnection
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