Sequential Compression System
Powerful and intelligent
Focus on patients, providing personalized treatment
The device only supports 1 therapy mode: for the leg, the airbag pressure is 45 mmHg; for the foot, the airbag pressure is 130 mmHg.
Intelligent compression, dynamic and visualized treatment
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    Skipping the injury part without compression, making the doctor feel relieved and the patient feel comfortable.
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    Adjustable pressure and time.
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    Real- time screen display, allowing observation of pressure changes and sleeves inflation during treatment, to control the overall situation.
Accurate and reliable
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    PID dynamic self-adaptive algorithm to automatically adjust the pressure, ensuring stable pressure control, keeping the pressure control in the best condition at all times, to protect patient safety. The inflation line features a one- way valve and one- way ventilation, enabling more accurate pressure control, with error ≤ ±5mmHg.
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    Medical- grade dual pressure sensor features real-time pressure collection and provides double overpressure protection to ensure patient safety.
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    The Dual CPU processor gives real-time monitoring of the entire treatment process to ensure safe and reliable treatment.
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    Prevention of DVT, PTE
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    Fast elimination of edema
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    Reducing arterial blood supply deficiency
Light and Comfortable
Flexible and efficient workflow
SCD600 features a compact body and unique clip design for handy and intuitive control experience. All of this allows for greater flexibility and comfort for both clinicians and patients.
4.3-inch LCD touch screen with a clear display
Trolley solution with silent casters and accessory storage box for daily movement
Unique clasp design, can be fixed in different positions
Clinical Applications
By sequentially inflating, expanding, squeezing, and deflating the multi-chamber inflatable sleeves the circulatory compression to the leg, foot or both simultaneously arise. It not only facilitates the blood flow velocity, removes the blood clotting behind the venous valve leaflets, reduces blood stagnation, improves blood circulation and interstitial fluid, prevents the aggregation of coagulation factors and adhesion to the intima, but also increases the activity of the fibrinolytic system, causing changes in hemodynamics and fibrinolytic system, thus achieving the purpose of preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and relieving peripheral edema (PE).
Applicable Departments
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Comprehensive and durable
Comfortable and durable accessories
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    The reusable sleeves can be inflated 50,000 times, and the disposable sleeves can be inflated 5,000 times, offering a long service life and reducing medical costs.
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    Considering that disinfection, corrosion, and other environmental factors, might influence the service life of compression sleeves, therefore, the recommended maximum service time are: Reusable Compression Sleeves: 150 days; Disposable Compression Sleeve: 5 days.
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    Sleeves lining is made of medical non-woven fabric, which is more breathable and comfortable.
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    Medical- grade TPU material, soft for all seasons and comfortable for patients.
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    Extension tube with anti-static treatment, which effectively reduces dust and hair adsorption and is easy to clean
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