N Series
Pre-configured Patient Monitor

N10 N12 N15

Inspire Simple and Intuitive Monitoring

Revolutionary Capacitive Touchscreen

Revolutionary Capacitive Touchscreen

Designed With High-quality Clinical Algorithms

Elevate your patient care and diagnostic capabilities. The N Series ‒ where every measurement is a testament to our commitment to accurate and reliable healthcare.

Designed With High-quality Clinical Algorithms

Experience SpO2 measurement like never before with our N Series. Utilizing SIQ technology, our monitors provide a quantifiable indicator of SpO2 measurement. What sets us apart is our low perfusion index algorithm, ensuring precise SpO2 tracking even under conditions of low satura

Designed With High-quality Clinical Algorithms

he N Series ECG functionality is a testament to versatility and innovation. Choose from 3/5/6/12 lead options, granting you the flexibility to tailor your monitoring approach. With support for 27 types of arrhythmia analysis, ST analysis, QT, QTc, ΔQTc analysis, and HRV analysis, our monitors empower you to gain comprehensive insights into cardiac performance. The intelligent lead-off detection feature safeguards ECG lead stability, ensuring consistent and reliable monitoring.

And the new NIBP algorithm delivers rapid results without compromising accuracy. The enhanced resistance to motion interference makes it a preferred choice, especially in neonatal measurements. Choose from manual, automatic (cyclic), sequential, and continuous measurement modes, adapting to your patient's unique needs.

Emergency Transportation:
The N10 Monitor for Ambulance Use

In the realm of emergency medical transportation, efficiency and reliability are paramount. The N10 Monitor from Comen is not only an exceptional bedside monitor but also an innovative solution designed to excel in ambulance and critical transport scenarios.

Three-slot modular design

he N10 Monitor's innovative features and robust design are a testament to our commitment to advancing patient care in critical situations.

Empowering Clinical Excellence

Beyond their role as monitors, they stand as your partners in clinical decision-making, simplifying complexities, and fostering seamless communication.

Empowering Clinical Excellence

Holistic Clinical Decision Support

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Excellent Data Storage:
Empowering Clinical Insights

The Comen N Series Patient Monitors introduce excellent data storage and analysis, enhancing clinical decision-making through comprehensive database support.

Seamless Data Integration and Connectivity

Unlock the power of seamless data transmission and integration with the N Series Monitors. These monitors are designed to seamlessly connect with central monitoring systems, enhancing your clinical workflow and expanding your reach for comprehensive patient care.

Unleashing Connectivity

The N Series Monitors possess a robust information transmission capability that empowers you to connect effortlessly with central monitoring systems. The monitors are equipped to transmit real-time data, waveforms, and alarms to the central monitoring hub. And through advanced connectivity protocols, including the widely recognized HL7 protocol, all the information can direct and indirect connections with HIS.

Seamless Data Integration and Connectivity
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