NMPro Series
Modular patient monitor
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Easy Flexibility Within Touch

Revolutionary Capacitive Touchscreen

Revolutionary Capacitive Touchscreen



Ease of Use Redefined

· Sensitivity and Clarity at Your Fingertips

Experience a new dimension of touch interaction with our capacitive touchscreen technology. The high resolution ensures every detail is presented vividly, delivering a truly immersive viewing experience that leaves nothing to the imagination.

· Intuitive Interface Mastery

Witness the power of multi-waveform display like never before. The NMPro Series supports the simultaneous presentation of 8 to 12 waveforms, a testament to its advanced capabilities. Beyond its numerical prowess, our monitors offer a range of interface options to cater to diverse clinical needs. From respiratory oxygen to trend review interfaces, and even dedicated single oxygen parameter views, the NMPro Series adapts effort lessly to your requirements.


Seamless Plug-and-Play Expansion

The NMPro Series Monitor isn’t just a device, it’s a platform for progress. With its multiple plugin slots, advanced parameters, and exceptional clinical support features, healthcare professionals have the power to unlock the realm of high-end parameter possibilities, seamlessly integrating new monitoring functions tailored to your unique needs.

Seamless Plug-and-Play Expansion
Essential Vital Signs Monitoring

Essential Vital Signs Monitoring:

The NMPro Series empowers you to monitor critical vital signs with accuracy and ease, including ECG, SpO2, temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, and respiration. It forms the foundation of comprehensive patient assessment, ensuring the well-being of those under your care.

Elevate Monitoring with Advanced Parameters

Elevate Monitoring with Advanced Parameters:

Delve into the realm of advanced monitoring with parameters like CO2, C.O., ICG, AG, BIS, Rainbow SET, NMT, and RM. These high-end metrics go beyond the basics, enabling a deeper understanding of patient physiology and aiding in precise clinical decision-making.

Plug-and-Play Expansion for Tailored Insights

Plug-and-Play Expansion for Tailored Insights:

Unleash the full potential of the NMPro Series through its plugin modules. Seamlessly integrate additional monitoring capabilities, transforming the monitor into a personalized toolset that aligns with your evolving medical expertise and the specific needs of your patients.

Designed With Accurate And Reliable Clinical Algorithms

levate your patient care and diagnostic capabilities. The NMPro Series ‒ where every measurement is a testament to our commitment to accurate and reliable healthcare.

· Unveiling SIQ Technology for SpO2 Measurement

Experience SpO2 measurement like never before with our NMPro Series. Utilizing SIQ technology, our monitors provide a quantifiable indicator of SpO2 measurement. What sets us apart is our low perfusion index algorithm, ensuring precise SpO2 tracking even under conditions of low saturation.

Unveiling SIQ Technology for SpO2 Measurement

· Next-Generation Upgraded ECG Functionality

The NMPro Series ECG functionality is a testament to versatility and innovation. Choose from 3/5/6/12 lead options, granting you the flexibility to tailor your monitoring approach. With support for 27 types of arrhythmia analysis, ST analysis, QT, QTc, ΔQTc analysis, and HRV analysis, our monitors empower you to gain comprehensive insights into cardiac performance. The intelligent lead-off detection feature safeguards ECG lead stability, ensuring consistent and reliable monitoring.

· Swift and Accurate NIBP Measurements

And the new NIBP algorithm delivers rapid results without compromising accuracy. The enhanced resistance to motion interference makes it a preferred choice, especially in neonatal measurements. Choose from manual, automatic (cyclic), sequential, and continuous measurement modes, adapting to your patient's unique needs.

Swift and Accurate NIBP Measurements

Versatility Redefined:
NMPro Series, Your Solution Across Departments

Embrace the future of patient monitoring with the NMPro Series ‒ a technological marvel designed to cater to the unique demands of various medical departments. With its adaptable features and expandable capabilities, it redefines versatility to serve multiple healthcare settings with unmatched precision

Swift and Accurate NIBP Measurements
General Ward Excellence: Seamless Basics and Beyond

General Ward Excellence: Seamless Basics and Beyond

In general ward settings, simplicity and efficiency are paramount. The NMPro Series shines with its pre-con figured basic parameters, offering clinicians an intuitive interface for quick and accurate monitoring. Empower your team with a solution that simplifies the monitoring process, allowing them to focus on delivering quality care.

NICU Expertise: Awake to Assurance

NICU Expertise: Awake to Assurance

When it comes to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), every moment counts. The NMPro Series caters to NICU's unique needs by introducing wake-up functionality ‒ a breakthrough feature that aids in resuscitation efforts. Additionally, it boasts O2 concentration monitoring, an essential tool for incubator environments, ensuring the optimal oxygen levels critical for neonatal development

OR/ICU Pinnacle: Unleash Advanced Monitoring

OR/ICU Pinnacle: Unleash Advanced Monitoring

For the Operating Room (OR) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), precision monitoring is non-negotiable. The NMPro Series rises to the occasion by offering a comprehensive suite of advanced parameters. From IBP to C.O., ICG to AG, BIS to NMT, and RM to Rainbow SET ‒ this monitor supports it all. Elevate your critical care with real-time insights and data-rich waveforms, enabling informed decision-making and optimal patient outcomes.

Swift and Accurate NIBP Measurements

Elevate patient care across a spectrum of specialties with the NMPro Series. From the general ward to the NICU and OR/ICU, empower your team with a monitoring solution that adapts to your needs, and ensures patient safety.

Empowering Clinical Excellence

eyond their role as monitors, they stand as your partners in clinical decision-making, simplifying complexities, and fostering seamless communication.

Holistic Clinical Decision Support

Seamless Data Integration and Connectivity

Unlock the power of seamless data transmission and integration with the NMPro Series Monitors. These monitors are designed to seamlessly connect with central monitoring systems, enhancing your clinical workflow and expanding your reach for comprehensive patient care.

Unleashing Connectivity

The NMPro Series Monitors have a robust information transmission capability, transmitting real-time data, waveforms, and alarms to the central monitoring hub via the widely recognized HL7 protocol. The KLink Module seamlessly interconnects anesthesia machines, ventilators, infusion pumps, and other devices, all displayed in real-time on the NMPro Monitor, transforming the clinical workflow and streamlining data management.

Unleashing Connectivity
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