Semi-modular Patient Monitor
Internal and external excellence - internal
ASIC Chip, Comprehensive Care
In hardware configuration, we feature comprehensive "core" care, using ADI's integrated analog front-end (ASIC) chip instead of traditional components, which is specifically designed for monitoring and diagnostic ECG measurements.

Flexible modular design with
comprehensive monitoring options

The NC series semi-modular monitors provide you with the most commonly used parameters, including ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP and dual TEMP. And the semi-modular structure can be added with high-end monitoring parameter modules, allowing flexible use of patient monitor to meet clinical needs.
  • EtCO2
    EtCO2 Display Interface
    EtCO2 Mainstream / Sidestream Type
    Respironics, Masimo and Comen EtCO2 can be added, multiple options for medical personnel.
    主流式 旁流式
  • IBP显示界面
    IBP Display Interface
    The 2 IBP modules can display 4 pressure waveforms and 4 sets of parameters on the screen.
  • C.O.
                Display Interface
    C.O. Display Interface


    By using the conventional and well-recognized thermodilution method, the monitor can measure Cardiac Output (C.O.), blood temperature and other hemodynamic parameters.
Internal and external excellence - external
Caring shown in the details
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    The parameter module is plug-and-play and can be plugged and unplugged with one hand.
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    Equipped with a variety of intuitive monitoring interfaces to serve different monitoring purposes
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    After hundreds of verifications by our R&D personnel, the keyboard is innovatively designed on the right side of the screen, which is suitable for right-hand operation.
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    Fixed handle design gives medical personnel a secure feeling when lifting and can reduce the overall space of the device.
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