K22 Pro
K22 Pro
Patient Monitor
Broaden the Vision, Narrow the Focus.

See More, From Another Perspective


For clinicians, viewing more vital signs from the monitor is significant. Especially, when the patient is under severe condition, a great monitor able to provide more insights can help the clinicians to make informed decisions.

Thus, Comen develops K22Pro to fulfil the needs of a ‘bigger’ vision. For its screen size. It provides a 21.5-inch capacitive screen. In the meantime, the monitor can rotate to either landscape or portrait mode.


Regarding the landscape, it enables clinicians to view longer chosen waveform on the monitor and observe their variance in detail. In comparison, portrait mode is aimed to display more waveform channels, under this mode, clinicians can select more vital signs to display on the screen simultaneously. It is suitable for the patient required a comprehensive monitoring.

Reach More, With Great Flexibility

Expand the Capability

Unlike most conventional patient monitors, the screen and module slot of K22Pro are separated. It provides competitively large screen solutions with significant flexibility in selecting monitoring modules.
For advanced monitoring, modular design monitoring is always required, because the patient issuffering from multiple health issues and their monitoring solutions are personalized. The expansion module box Z03 supports eight module boxes and one K1/KPM plug-in simultaneously.

Expand the Capability

Maintain the Flexibility

The K22Pro supports cart and wall mounting solutions considering its multiple application scenarios. Regarding its mobile solution, Comen has designed a new cart for K22Pro. Considering the limited space in most hospitals, Comen reduces the cart size and maintains flexible movement among patient beds. Furthermore, the bracket for accessories storage and handle is also implemented on the cart to facilitate clinical usage.
Besides, K22Pro is compatible with GCX mounting solution, it ensures its compatibility with other pendants and anesthesia machines.

Maintain the Flexibility

Making Informed Decision

When making decision, information is vital especially for clinicians. Based on the development of patient monitoring technology, clinicians can obtain more information with various parameters displaying on the monitor. Sometimes, clinicians need to deal with immense information from patient’s vital signs, therefore, K22Pro has implemented the Clinical Assistive Applications (CAA). CAA is a set of software tools that help clinicians to gather multiple vital signs and provide intuitive outcome.

Making Informed Decision

Streamlined Workflow and Strong Applicability

With K1, the transportation patient monitor, the K Pro series is versatile and flexible in different clinical scenarios.

  • Emergency Department

    Emergency Department:

    After the pre-hospital transportation, the K1 can be plugged into the K Pro series in Emergency Department and Proceed the patient data transmission, which considerably imProves the effectiveness for acute care.

  • Operating Room

    Operating Room:

    After the acute care, if the patient is under a severe situation, then he/she will be transferred to operating room. In this Process, with K1, the patient's data can be seamlessly transmitted to the K Pro series.

  • Intensive Care Unit

    Intensive Care Unit:

    After the surgery, the patient will be transferred to Intensive Care Unit in which K1 can continue its monitoring work and transmit the patient's data to the K Pro series.

The applicability is also considered in K22Pro, its design covers almost all the debts with monitoring requirements and perfectly suits their needs.

  • OR

    · Comen iCM dual-system design for the compatibility of HIS and PACS installation.

    · Intubation mode helps anesthesiologists to perform intubation without disturbance.

    · Optional NMT, BIS, technology to ensure patient safety during anesthesia.

    · K-link integration enables data sharing with the anesthesia machine and infusion system.

  • ICU

    · Masimo Rainbow SET® pulse oximetry.

    · 24 hours ECG summary report, QT/QTc, ST analysis.

    · Complete set of clinical assistive applications including EWS, GCS, SepsisSign.

    · 27 classifications of arrhythmia analysis.

    · K-link integration module enables patient data sharing with the ventilator and infusion system.

  • NICU

    · Dual SpO₇ to assist the Critical Congenital Heart Defects screening for newborns.

    · Innovative Apnea Wake-up technology ensures newborn safety in daily monitoring.

    · Additional O₇ measurement enables to capability to accompany the incubator.

    · Intuitive SpO₇ monitoring interface designed for newborns measurement.


Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Stay Connected, Stay Informed

For satisfying the clinical demand of data transmission with hospital information system (HIS), Comen K1 and K Pro series have upgraded its data transmission regarding the HL7 Protocol. It supports both direct and indirect connection with HIS and transmit the data including patient information, alarm information, parameters as well as waveforms to HIS.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed
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