K12 pro/K15 pro/K18 pro
Patient Monitor
Designed for Critical Care Monitoring
During covid-19, the critical care demand is immense in hospitals, especially for patient monitoring. By meeting these challenges today, we have launched the advanced monitoring solution K pro series and aim to provide better care for the patient.
The K pro Series is Designed for Critical Care Monitoring and Able to Meet Different Demands
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Keeping Ease In Demanding Conditions
Effective and Clear
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Intuitive User Interface Design
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The hidden part could be viewed simply by swiping up and down or left and right on the capacitive touch screen.
The design of the functional icons is guided by ergonomics to help clinical practitioners operate more efficiently on the touch screen.
Mind Every Subtle Change
Innovative Advancements to Gain Deeper Clinical Insights
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6-lead ECG:
For providing more comprehensive ECG measurement solutions, K pro series have added new optional 6-lead ECG measurement.
24 hours ECG Summary
Including:Heart rate statistics, Statistics of arrhythmia events, QT/QTc measurement value statistics, ST maximum and minimum statistics for each lead, Pace statistics, Typical ECG waveform.
Integration of Advanced Parameters
To satisfy immense clinical demands, K pro series have greatly extended our advanced monitoring parameters.
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Making Informed Decision
Clinical Assistive Applications
To improve the efficiency and accuracy of clinical diagnosis, Comen integrates multiple clinical assistive applications with the K pro series for optimizing clinical workflow.
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Improving Clinical Workflow
Seamless Clinical Data Transmission
With K1, the transportation patient monitor, the K pro series is versatile and flexible in different clinical scenarios.
Emergency Department:
After the pre-hospital transportation, the K1 can be plugged into the K pro series in Emergency Department and proceed the patient data transmission, which considerably improves the effectiveness for acute care.
Operating Room:
After the acute care, if the patient is under a severe situation, then he/she will be transferred to operating room. In this process, with K1, the patient's data can be seamlessly transmitted to the K pro series.
Intensive Care Unit:
After the surgery, the patient will be transferred to Intensive Care Unit in which K1 can continue its monitoring work and transmit the patient's data to the K pro series.
Connectivity and Integration
For satisfying the clinical demand of data transmission with hospital information system (HIS), Comen K1 and K pro series have upgraded its data transmission regarding the HL7 protocol. It supports both direct and indirect connection with HIS and transmit the data including patient information, alarm information, parameters as well as waveforms to HIS.
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