C50-V & C80-V
Adaptive veterinary monitor
Professional technology designed for animal only

With special ECG algorithms for veterinary use, accurate, reliable, and able to meet the parameter measurement of animals in different sizes.

Suntech NIBP. Create an automated blood pressure monitor with an animal-specific algorithm so you can take reliable, accurate measurements on companion animals.

Nellcor/Masimo SpO₂. Professional signal processing technology can provide high-precision animal SpO2 measurement.


10.5-inch touch screen enable effective and easy.

Intelligent alarm, support auto-identification of alarm level.

Fan-less cooling design can avoid secondary air pollution and noise.


3/5 lead ECG

Suntech NIBP

Masimo/Nellcor SpO₂






Up to 8 waveforms can display on the screen.

Support power-off storage and with large data storage capability for 200 alarm review, 2000 NIBP measurement and 160 hours trend review

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