Specialized Fetal Monitor
Compact design
  • Delicate design, small and lightweight, ideal for outpatient obstetric services
  • 5.7-inch LCD display with folding screen design
  • 0-90° adjustment for multi-angle viewing
  • Automatic probe recognition to reduce maloperation
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    Support external U disk for data storage Program upgrade
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    With wall mount solution Ideal for use in a variety of settings
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    The instrument is small and lightweight Concealed handle for easy mobility
Advanced FHR detection technology
  • 12-chip, wide-beam, waterproof ultrasound FHR (Fetal heart rate) probe
    With sensitive detection to make it easier for clinicians to find
  • The best fetal heart position and collect more accurate monitoring data Signal interference identification technology
  • Cross-channel authentication function
  • Fetal heart signal quality indication
  • Improving the accuracy of FHR measurements for accurate diagnosis and treatment, easing the mind of the pregnant
Efficient printing system
  • Built-in 112mm wide line print for clinical use.
  • Paper bin located directly in front for easy paper loading and better visibility
  • Support USB printer and A4 paper printing to save cost and preserve records for a long time
Rich and practicalsoftware features
  • Standard interface, large font display
  • Complete patient record management system, supporting English input.
  • Can store up to 3,000 patient records, 60 hours of fetal monitoring playback, support U disk import and export
  • Feature timing monitoring and printing function
  • Support printing reports and generating images, convenient for diagnosis, teaching and viewing
  • Provide four kinds of automatic fetal scoring functions for clinicians to choose freely
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