BC-107 Infant Bassinet is safer for sleep, easier to care.

With height and tilting adjustment,BC-107 can provide easier access to the infant care, like bottle feeding,diaper changes and blood

tests without removing the baby.

The waterproof mattress has passed strict biocompatibility test, ensuring the baby's safety and comfort.

Safe and durable

The structure is stable and reliable. Even it is tilted to the maximum angle of 12, stable structure protects bassinet bed from falling.

The lifting/tilting lifespan is above the industry average, which means longer stability and safer operation.

Skin-friendly and comfortable
Suitable for newborns and babies aged 0-5 months (or less than 70cm in length). The bassinet bed is made of ABS Eco-friendly material, waterproof and breathable, allowing your baby to grow up with peace of mind. Two types of mattress are available to choose. The mattress with waterproof cover is in compliance with biocompatibility standard.
Strong and trustworthy
To protect baby ‘s safety, we use high-quality carbon steel for the bed frame, which is strong and deformation-resistance.
Meticulous design
The pressing handle allows the bassinet bed to be tilted at any angle between 0˚ to 12˚, preventing regurgitating milk and reducing mom’s worries.
Convenience storage
Featuring large space, easy disinfection, the basket allows infant caring within reach.
Clear vision
The transparent bedside walls provide mom a clear, easy view of baby, enabling eye contact. With well design and fine material, it is the best choice for baby care.
Flexible height
Adjustable height is able to meet different nursing needs.
Quiet and stable
Medical locking caster wheels enable baby to sleep soundly and sweetly even during transportation.
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