Comprehensive NICU and perinatal care solution for all-level users.

The first most comprehensive NICU solution in the world.

Comen provides “one source for all” offerings in NICU and perinatal care solution, including infant incubator and bassinet, radian warmer, non-invasive neonatal ventilator, phototherapy, hypothermia treatment, auto-infusion system, mounting solution for workplace utilization and integrated information system for clinical decision optimization.

Non-invasive neonate ventilators - NV Serie
  • A complete offering of non-invasive ventilation modes: Bubble-CPAP, CPAP, NIPPV, SNIPPV, HFNC Up coming:HFOV, DuoVent
  • Sensitive apnea detect and wake-up technique
  • High-quality delivery with auto leak-compensation
  • Real-time SpO2 monitoring and oxygen calibration
Infant Incubator - B Serie
  • Servo heat/humidity/oxygen control with high accuracy and wide range setting
  • Modular monitor, easy plug-in, ready to transport
  • Minimal stress to neonates: damper doors/electro-tilting/noise level≤45dB...
Up coming: KMC mode
Radiant Warmer - BQ80
  • 4-in-1 design for “the golden hour” resuscitation Ceramic heating tube
  • Modular monitor, easy plug-in, ready to transport
  • Integrated resuscitator with T-piece and oxygen therapy
  • Narrow spectrum to speed up bilirubin breakdown
Hypothermia treatment - P6/3
  • Flexible modes for hypothermia and normothermia treatment
  • Efficient cooling and warming via semi-conductor panel
  • Delicate i-Servo temperature control with ±0.3℃ accuracy
  • Real-time vital sign monitoring
  • Up coming: EEG integration
Phototherapy - BL70
  • Narrow spectrum with the peak ~460nm to fasten bilirubin breakdown
  • Optimal effective area to maximize skin exposure while prevent harms for medical staff
  • LED light source for lower heat output and longer lifetime

Comprehensive NICU solution. Meets every requirement in NICU.


Advanced information Management System will linked all the Comen NICU units.

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