Transportation of critically ill patients requiring mechanical ventilation requires clinical experience, an efficient device, and careful determination of gases and/or electrical resources.
Superior to Other Types

Venturi tube is restricted to provide high performance due to the mechanism.

There are also electrical driven transport ventilator that only provides basic respiratory support and monitoring tools. Though they can work without O₂ supply, it’s insufficient for critical ill patient to receive necessary treatment outside the hospital.

Cutting-edge Solution

V1 is an ICU grade transport ventilator with internal turbine that is easy to use, portable and compact.

Born for Emergency Situation

V1 is equipped with 2 hot-swappable batteries so it supports to extend the duration for over 9 hours operating time.

The weight down to 6.5kg which releases the burden of the caregiver.

Specialized single limb circuit increases treatment efficiency and enhance the monitoring function to the patient.

Sturdy and robust design meet EN1789 certification

It optimizes the procedure of transport