Infusion Workstation System
Syringe Pump / Infusion Pump

Accessible usability, Trusted safety

Easier, Faster, Stronger Than Ever

Intelli. Fast™

Intelli. Fast™ provided by Comen helps to deliver the timely infusion within 9 seconds, right after the machine start up.

Precise Delivery

Comen M800/ME900 provides high precise and consistent performance for long-term infusion.


Injection Accuracy


Infusion Accuracy

Intelli. Plan™

Comen M800 and ME900 are able to provide tailor-made treatment plans of specific drugs for patients. By pre-setting and save the infusion parameters in pumps, allowing caregiver to easily apply, modify frequently used infusion parameters and drugs.

We Care for Safety Most

  • Dynamic Pressure System (DPS)

    provides real-time pressure monitoring, reflects pressure changes during the infusion.

    • 点 Its color-code, graphical and numerical pressure indicators, help predict occlusion alarm in advance.
    • 点 With wider range occlusion pressure detection, 12 safety levels preset.
Elaboration Improves Usability


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Smart Bubble Detection

Smart bubble detection strengthens the infusion safety by monitoring the air in line.
The built-in bubble sensor will prevent the alarm system from missing any single bubble in 6 levels.
It will enhance the precision of air-in-line alarm by calculating cumulative bubbles within 15 min of every single ME900.

Drop sensor

Monitors the overall infusion to ensure precision; Provides empty container detection, with 3-level sensitivity.

Dual Pressure Sensor

Dual-sensor design of occlusion pressure in upstream/downstream, ensures a precise occlusion alarm.

Auto Flow Compensation

The auto flow compensation enhances the precision, by supplementing the flow loss derived from infusion set distortion after long-term usage and peristalsis.

Flexible Combination, Various Applications

The modular, plug-and-play design brings the greatest flexibility of combination for various infusion scenarios, with expansion of slots from 2-24 infusion pumps.


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Powerful Inter-connection

Centralized Management

Support wired/WiFi connectivity to realize integration of clinical information.

Access to HIS/CIS/EMR through HL7 protocal.

Reserved multiple ports for barcode scanner, nurse call and drop sensor.

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