Medical Air/Oxygen Blender
Stable input, precise output
  • Stable input:
    At the AIR/O2 inlet end, GENTEC gas connector and hose are used. The connector is made of high quality copper alloy and the surface is electroplated. At the same time, a precision filtering device is installed inside to allow the clean gas source to enter steadily.
  • Precision oxygen output:
    At the oxygen output end, KL-20 adopts GENTEC high precision flowmeter with aluminum alloy material, anodized surface and the flow rate is not affected by outlet pressure.
  • Suitable for oxygen supply in NICU, PICU and other wards.
  • Can be used with oxygen inhalation device, respiratory equipment, baby incubator, radiant warmer, T-piece, atomization device and other equipment.
  • Parameter setting:
  • Flow:
    0-15L/min 0-30/min, double-tube flowmeter optional
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