Specialized Obstetric Monitor


Make it simple

A single device that satisfies comprehensive obstetric monitoring needs


Break with tradition, innovative design

All-in-one plug-in design, one machine for multiple uses, can meet the needs of comprehensive monitoring before, during and after childbirth.


Large touch screen, flexible and easy to use


Accurate measurement, thoughtful design

  • 12-chip wide-beam waterproof ultrasound fetal heart probe with high sensitivity, making it easier for doctors to locate the best fetal heart position and obtain more accurate monitoring data
  • Unified jack design, automatic probe identification, automatic interface adjustment
  • Retractable probe holder, beautiful and exquisite
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Efficient printing in one step

  • 点 Built-in 150 mm wide line thermal printers
  • 点 USB external printer
  • 点 Cali-Rec Smart Print Calibration
  • 点 Support printing reports as image format, convenient for teaching and remote diagnosis

A wealth of clinically adjunctive applications to improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency

  • Sliding screen operation, easy and fast interface switching
  • Automatic fetal scoring, providing four scoring methods: KREBS, Fischer, modified Fischer and NST
  • Can store up to 3,000 case reports, support U disk export and import function.
  • Support wired/wireless networked obstetric central monitoring system

Technical support

Pre-sales consultation