Comen Telemetry Monitoring System
  • Lightweight, convenient and durable for clinical use
  • Low power consumption, more than 72 hours of continuous use
  • Specialized ECG oximetry, more accurate measurement of parameters
  • Telemetry monitoring system for real-time monitoring of up to 128 beds
  • Diverse alarm technology, easy for nurses to respond in time
Faster and more stable
Strong signal
"Full-bar signal everywhere". Hidden antennas are deployed into the room to ensure that every corner of the ward gets full bars of signal. By adding antennas, unlimited expansion of telemetry monitoring range could be realized.
Low-loss feeder
The ultra-low-loss cable guarantees full bars of signal even in a room 15 meters away from the antenna. The soft materials ensure its normal function even in 180-degree-twisting.
Low interference
The latest GFSK technology collects the wireless signal intensity in space in real time, selects the most suitable wireless signal transmitted power for each antenna and realizes automatic power adjustment. In addition to ensure excellent signal condition, the attenuation of the wireless signal while passing through the wall is effectively utilized to avoid the interference of the signal between the adjacent rooms to the greatest extent.
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