Anesthesia machine
It is an all-rounder, good at all kinds of anesthesia and ventilation.
In addition to anesthesia, it can do a lot more
SIMV supports the smooth transition to anesthesia resuscitation, promotes resuscitation efficiency, and reduces lung injury caused by man-machine confrontation. CPAP/PSV supports postoperative respiratory therapy to help patients to wean successfully and reduce the dose of sedatives and muscle relaxants applied.
Comprehensive respiratory mechanics monitoring and ring diagram monitoring allow you to fully grasp the patient's breathing status for decision-making.
Extensive anesthesia assistance functions, greatly expanding the applicability of the anesthesia machine
AX-700 and AX-600 are Comen’s classic anesthesia machines, which have been on the market for more than a decade now, and have been widely welcomed by users for their excellent quality and stable performance over the past ten years. In the next decade, AX-700 and AX-600 continue to walk with you!
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