Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

Compact, Safe, and Simple.

Small, space-saving and detailed

Comen has developed a compact, safe, and easy-to-operate veterinary anesthesia machine. Our state-of-art compact design allows more maneuverability within a limit-spaced veterinarian clinical setting and enables more flexibility for veterinarians to perform different procedural tasks.

Our improved precise parameter settings allow superior intraoperative monitoring to ensure the safety of animal anesthesia.

Veterinary hospitals and clinics are mainly small-scaled, with high requirements for space utilization.

Flexible workstation

  • Flexible workstation

    Multi-function trolly design with 4-inch casters allows smooth and quiet multi-directional movements.

  • Flexible workstation

    The top can hold up to 20kg, which offers more space to hold other important equipments

  • Flexible workstation

    The optional oxygen generator tray allows oxygen source to be at the proximity.

Accuracy and safe

The mortality rate for animals under anesthesia is approximately 0.1%. That’s 10 times higher than human. Therefore, Comen is aiming to provide accurate anesthesia machines that provide safe animal anesthesia.

  • Powerful and high-accuracy vaporizer

    High accuracy vaporizer was developed to provide accurate delivery of anesthetic gas, thus reducing complications during anesthesia.
    Support two types of anesthetic gas including Isoflurane & Sevoflurane. Supports various types of refilling methods including Pour Fill, Key Fill, Quick Fill, and Easy Fill.

    Powerful and high-accuracy vaporizer
  • Adjusted Pressure-Limiting (APL) valve

    Allows broader pressure range suitable for various sizes of domesticated animal

    Adjusted Pressure-Limiting (APL) valve
  • High-volume CO2 absorbent canister

    Allows anesthetic gas to recycle. Minimize waste and ensures the safety of veterinarians.

    High-volume CO2 absorbent canister

Simple and easy to use

Maneuverability, flexibility and straightforward operability

Two kinds of waste gas scavenging system

  • AGSS

    Reusable collection system for waste anesthesic gas.

  • Reusable collection system for waste anesthesic gas
  • Disposable gas filter canister

    In addition to AGSS system, there is also an option for disposable gas filter canister. Customers are able to choose whichever system that is best suited for their clinical needs.

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