• An Integrated Method of ECG Data Acquisition
    Author: Yin Peng
    Electrocardiogram is one of the most important kinds of bioelectric information of human body and electrocardiosignal is a kind of periodic electrophysiological signal which is transmitted from body tissues to body surface and then generate potential difference on the body surface. In clinical practices, these potential differences can usually be measured and described in curves by various equipment and devices to form electrocardiogram. Learn more >>
  • An Analysis of Neonates Apnea Self-saving Function and O2 Concentration Monitori
    Author: Wu BenQing
    Apnea is one of the most commonly seen symptoms of neonates as well as the main cause of death. According to some reports in China this year, the occurrence rate of apnea is 5%-10% of all the living babies after birth; some reports even say it is as high as more than 20%.The death rate of all the neonates who have apnea is about 30% of all the neonates born alive. What’s more, the fact that apnea can cause various diseases is worrisome. Learn more >>
  • Knowledge management in Comen—About Common Building Block (CBB)
    Author: Wang Xinghong
    It’s been 10 years since Comen started to provide professional services to customers in 2002.The research and development experience accumulated during this time is a great treasure to the company. How to inherit and learn from this treasure to avoid repeated R&D and reduce knowledge loss caused by the turnover of staff and how to implement knowledge management and enrich the enterprise knowledge and experience is a way the company must go. Learn more >>
  • Distinctive Monitor Starts from Here
    Author: Yan Jianqiang
    “In 2010, the People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province bought more than several monitors from Comen. This was a big order for it meant our products have gained more and more customers’ recognition. But it was embarrassing because our monitor couldn’t monitor the vital signs of neonates. Director of Jiangsu Office of Comen came to the hospital and suggested that we add configuration to the old 8000C, like neonatal BP cuff. But the result wasn’t desirable. Learn more >>
  • Asynchronous Development Mode for the R&D of Product
    Author: Zheng Shengkai
    Comen has developed diversified product lines and mature development mode. At the beginning stage, one team had to develop one product from inside out by their own, which revealed more problems like repeated development, low interoperability, uncontrolled development period, high material cost due to its variety, complicated production process etc. As a result, R&D work is even more demanding. Learn more >>
  • Remote Monitoring Solution
    Author: Wang XingHong
    With the development of science and technology, monitoring is needed not only inside hospitals. Traditional doctor-face-to-face-with-patient diagnosis no longer satisfies peoples increasing demand of health care and it also needs improving in the usage of Learn more >>
  • A General Introduction to Anesthesia Machine and Its Development Trend
    Author:  Ma JianXin
    This article is summarization of my many years’ experience on development of anesthetic equipment. After conducting research on customer’s demand and the market, reading various periodicals and related information, I’ve got the following understanding of the anesthesia machine and its future trend of development. Learn more >>
  • My “Journey” of Developing the Injection Bump
    Author: Zhang JiaLu
    Basing on the consistent R&D concept of “user demand-oriented”, we did many market surveys and repeatedly analyze data and discussed market prospect in the later year. Finally, we decided to enter the injection instruments field after scientific and well-rounded evaluation of the future market trend. Learn more >>
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