Intuitive operation design

Alarm indicator
light for observation
with 360°view,
automatic visible
and audible alarm,
suitable for any
Support patient
management and
Environment light
sensor, screen
auto-adjustment, save
power consumption
and reduce the influence
of bright light on the
3 channel built-in recorder
optional, automatically
record of alarm events to
ensure the integrity of the
monitoring data;
Support rotate, keys and
touch screen operation,
suitable for all types of
operating requirements;
Wireless and wired
Other bed observation, facilitate patients
monitoring of the hospital workers;
Fanless design, avoid cross contamination on laminar, supreme quiet;
Support external printers(A4 paper), 12 leads
ECG waveforms printing;
48h all disclosure waveforms review,
monitoring records browse and review function;
Built-in 2200mAh Lithium battery with longer working time.
8.0 inch
Standard Configuration:
5 leads ECG RESP SpO2 TEMP x 2 NIBP and Li-ion battery
Optional Configuration:
3/12 leads ECG Thermal Recorder IBP EtCO2 C.O. AG Masimo SpO2 Nellcor SpO2

Evolution of Semi-modular Patient Monitor

Simple, reliable, multi-functional remain to be keywords of bed-side patient monitor. Being focused on these keywords,
Comen NC Series patient monitor is created to serve bed-side monitoring with a smarter idea: Semi-modular.

It is lighter, smarter, more powerful, and even more beautiful, than ever.

Be Perfect both Internally and Externally-Internal Part

A Brand- New Smarter “Mind”

New core chip is designed for Comen NC
series patient monitor. It is assembled with
integrated analog front end (ASIC) chip
instead of the traditional components. The
ASIC chip was designed exclusively for the
ECG measurement of monitoring and


24bits AD conversion chip,
ECG signal is reserved
to its largest
filtering for data
processing is able to
avoid the different filter
performances caused by
hardware differences
and distortion of
ECG signal.
consumption of
ECG acquisition modules
are reduced to improve
coherence of each

Clean and Quiet – Benefit of NC Series passive-cooling design

It is better to eradicate the fan so as to get rid of the impact on the laminar flow environment in the wards. Due to gas
exchange from internal and external of the monitors through the cooling fan, both bacteria and viruses are easy to
accumulate in the monitor and therefore caused cross contamination. Traditional monitors adopted big size mental heat
sink to solve this issue; however it is not the prime solution. From the perspective of reducing the power consumption,
Comen's NC series radically get it solved.

During the process of R&D, our engineers found 4 major reasons that cause high power consumption, they are low
power conversion efficiency, high power consumption on main board, ECG board and screen. Aimed at solving those problems, Comen’s NC series are changed with a new power conversion IC to improved 10% of its efficiency. Adding overvoltage and overcurrent protection to make the unit more safety and reliable. With more efficient power management system, the power consumption on main board was reduced by 40%. What’s more, its standby current was decreased from 1.2mA to less than 200uA; therefore standby time of the battery was extended.

Comen’s NC series rank the top on the power consumption performance in the industry.

Reducing power consumption also brings a variety of benefits: fanless design, long life time of battery, strong anti-aging ability of the components, long life time and stable performance of the products, meanwhile, the whole unit is smaller and more delicate.

Be Perfect both Internally and Externally-External Part

For the convenience and utility of clinical usage, we seek for innovation wholeheartedly

Flexible Modular and Comprehensive Care Options

The new generation of Comen’s semi-modular monitors offers the most commonly used parameters, including
ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP, TEMP and dual IBP. With its modular design, it is able to be equipped with modules based
on clinical needs. Alternative usage of the modules makes the clinical work more convenient and efficient.
EtCO2 Display
EtCO2 :
Respironics / Phasein Sidestream /
Mainstream module optional.
IBP Display


4-channel IBP modules, 4 waveforms and
4 groups of numerical parameters display.
C.O. Display


Adopt conventional thermodilution invasively
measure and calculate the cardiac output and
other hemodynamic parameters.

Seek for Distinguished and Strict Tests

Most critical test was performed through professional test methods. With continuous updating the test cases, Comen
adopted more extensive testing method to achieve the stability of the software; in the aspect of hardware, numerous
of power on-off tests were adopted and every time it will automatically test for the condition of USB flash, SD card,
serial port and real-time clock; for parameters, we strictly test according to our technique standard.

We test each device at high temperature aging room for more than 30 days under 50 ℃. Over 10,000 times of power
on and off tests were conducted. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement under operating temperature of
0-40℃, we continuously test its internal temperature as well as performance and stability of parameters.

Battery test: During the self-inspection process, our hardware engineer mainly focus on the software protocol,
charging and discharging time, overcurrent and overvoltage protecting as well as safety factors. Over 300 times
charging and discharging test for 100 batteries, what's more, our battery has passed IEC62133:2012 certification

In order to ensure the mating cycles, we conduct structure improvements to guarantee over 10,000 times plug
operation, hence to realize long working time.

Meanwhile, NC series showed outstanding stable performance after Low Temperature Test(-40℃),High Temperature
Test (45℃), Rapid Temperature Change Test (-40℃-75℃),Sine Vibration Test as well as Intersection Test by
professional testing institution.

Care and Love in the details

The quality is in the details
Plug and play, quick-release installation and
dismount of the modules make NC series monitors
more convenient and time-saving. As every second
count during operation, so conveniences at each
step are beneficial for the treatment, offering
intimate care to both patients and health providers.
NC series semi-modular monitor provide varies
monitoring interfaces to meet different operating
demands; the clear and colorful display is even more
smooth and fine.
The traditional monitors are designed with buttons
at the bottom of the screen, while NC series
creatively put them at the right side of the screen,
which is in accordance with right operation habits.
Removable handle design is our preference at the
beginning, however, this design may cause some
uncertain events while handling so we chose fixed
handle, which not only provide stable and secure
feeling to the user but also narrow the size of the
complete machine.
NC series patient monitor are able to autosense the change of the environment brightness to realize screen
brightness auto-adjustment. The function completely reflects Comen's human-oriented spirit, preventing patients
from the influence of the bright screen light at evening or under diagnosis.
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