Making Idea Happen

In CCU, both monitor and ECG are essential, the medical staff is searching for this 2in1 solution through
the ages. Comen has same idea. How to make a monitor accompany with electrocardiograph machine?
More than 200 R&D engineers and took 720 day and night, Comen done it.


Specialized Cardiovascular


It is a modular monitor.

2+1 modular slots, 2 functional modular slots, 1 printing modular slot

EtCO2/IBP/C.O./AG/BIS/ICG module extendable

It is an ECG machine.

Powerful ECG diagnostic function

YY0782-2010 (standard specific requirements for ECG machine) certified;
Pass YY0782-2010 ECG Machine Specialized Standards;
Advanced performance: input impedance≥50MΩ, polarization
resistance voltage:≥±650mV;
Common mode rejection ratio:≥105dB, time constant:≥5S;
122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis; 12-lead ECG automatic
measurement and interpretation;
72 hours’ full disclosure 12-lead ECG waveform review and
ECG interpretation system;
Shortcut key for ECG, one key switch between the monitoring
mode and the ECG mode;
216mm modular printer; synchronous printing of 12-lead ECG.

It is a VCG diagnostic apparatus.

Use Wilson lead. Integrated VCG achieves fully ECG measurement, which can effectively avoid misdiagnosis and
provide more comprehensive solutions to complex and abnormal ECG signals, in order
to improve abnormality diagnosis accuracy.

It is also a telemetry monitor.

C100 and C100A can form a telemetry monitor
Telemetry monitoring of 12-lead ECG and SpO2 via WIFI
Creative patient-fall-down alarm function
Data connection through WIFI, infinite extension of effective range

Specialized Cardiovascular Monitor ≥ Modular monitor + ECG + VCG apparatus + Telemetry monitor


Telemetry Monitor

Free Movement 24/7 Monitoring

One-to-one integrated telemetry system; patient can move around and be monitored within a radius of 100m of the
ward thanks to the real-time feedback of ECG, SpO2, PR information from C100A to C100; when patient falls down,
Call button enables prompt medical service.

Telemetry central monitoring system

C100A and STAR8800 are combined to form a telemetry central monitoring system.
Each patient can walk free and medical staff can check their conditions anytime.


3/5/12 leads optional, lead type automatic identification; 12-lead ST
segment analysis and 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis.


Comen / Masimo / Nellcor SpO2 optional.


Use Wilson lead

Integrated VCG achieves fully ECG measurement,
which can effectively avoid misdiagnosis and
provide more comprehensive solutions to complex
and abnormal ECG signals, in order to improve
abnormality diagnosis accuracy.

Directly show arrhythmia type and position

Direct measurement of VCG helps to determine the spatial and orientation change of ECG activity,
superior to traditional ECG in diagnosing diseased right heart and posterior wall.VCG is superior to traditional
ECG in diagnosing and locating atrial enlargement, ventricular hypertrophy and intraventricular block.
It is helpful to monitor myocardial ischemia during operation, estimate myocardial infarction size and
locate the bypass and source of VPB (ventricular premature beat) before RFA (radiofrequency ablation).
The use of VCG projection concept provides reliable basis to analyze the 3D space nature of ECG activity,
so that many changes of ECG are well explained. ECG clinical diagnosis and R&D level are improved.

ECG/VCG report sync printout

Traditional VCG use Frank lead system and 12-lead ECG
uses Wilson lead system. To acquire both ECG&VCG data,
ECG and VCG machine must be used accordingly.
Also changing lead brings a lot of clinical inconvenience.

COMEN uses traditional Wilson central terminal's 12 leads to
achieve sync output of ECG and VCG; easy lead way, small
number of electrodes; sync detection of ECG and VCG without
switchover; lower costs, easy to use in clinical applications.

Integration of intelligent diagnostic technique
and ECG monitoring technology

Original ECG data collected by high
sampling frequency and undistorted
processing can satisfy diagnostic
requirements; digital signal processing
achieves quick response of ECG signals,
which satisfies monitoring requirements;
achieve the integration of ECG monitoring
and diagnosis.

Integrated analog front end (AFE) chip

Use integrated AFE chip in ECG acquisition
system design. Reduce power onsumption
to half of a traditional ECG machine. The
size of the whole module is designed as
two thirds of a traditional ECG machine.
Built-in 24-bit high resolution A/D. Reserve
ECG signal details as many as possible.

Digital signal processes waveform features and wavelet transform (WT) detection technology

Through analyzing the features of ECG signals’ PSD (power spectral density), WT scale and the relation between
signal frequencies, find out that the spectrums of each ECG signal’s feature wave and noise are distributing differently
in different frequency bands. And proceed multi-scale decomposition of ECG signals in frequency domain.

Cabrera lead technology

Continuous display of cardiac waveforms during electrical excitation, helping to locate the source of myocardial
ischemia or arrhythmia

High frequency, high precision and multichannel ECG amplifying acquisition

Up to 1,000Hz sampling frequency for each lead, recording density 320 dots/mm2, actual bandwidth 150Hz.
Thermal printer has fine precision and clarity with 8 dots/mm vertical accuracy and 40 dots/mm horizontal accuracy.

12-channel printing function

Integrated 12-channel ECG printing solution which is the first in the world;
print several types of 216mm 12-channel ECG format/report; perfect
combination of monitor and ECG machine, simplifying clinical application;
long-term power failure data storage; review and print of abnormal ECG;
via WIFI receive 12-channel ECG telemetric data .


12” LED backlight screen

8-channel waveforms shown simultaneously;12 leads, big font, dynamic trends, Oxy-CRG
and NIBP list interfaces available.
Support 216mm thermal recorder,
Up to 12 waveforms simultaneously recorded.
Support ECG (3/5/12-lead), RESP, SpO2,
TEMP x 2, NIBP, extendable module
(CO2, AG, IBPx2).
Functional module: two extendable modular slots, CO2/IBP/C.O./AG/ICG module optional;
flexible configuration based on department requirements.

Passive cooling design, super silent: meet ICU’s requirement of laminar flow level; solve
patient’s highly-sensitive-to-noise problem; support thermal printer via USB port and wired
network/WIFI; can connect to central monitoring system.
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