AX-700 Anesthesia Machine

Professional design for adult, child and infant
inhalation anesthesia and respiratory management,
with advanced ventilation mode, outstanding
ergonomic design, it ranks high level in safety,
stability and convenience as well as user experiences
all over the world.

Central brake system

Time-saving, convenient and easy to use.

One-hand installation and dismount of soda lime canister

Quick, convenient and hygiene


Effective removal of anesthesia gases from the working area

Highly visible ACGO

Innovative design;
For connection of semi-open
breathing systems, e.g.: bain circuit.

Auxiliary Oxygen supply

Provide preferred clinical practice.

Brightness adjustable deck light

Provides work area illumination.

Ample Workbench

Enough space to meet your needs.

Rotatable and lockable roomy drawer

Safety and Convenient

Powerful Ventilator

12.1” TFT touch screen;
Minimum tidal volume down to 5ml
Proportional Solenoid valve control technology and precise volume sensor detection technology
SIMV/SIMV+PS simplify the monitoring of patient with spontaneous breath and extend clinical applications
PSV and SIMV provide perfect weaning solution; reduce ventilator fighting and the need for sedation or narcosis.
Automatic compensate for compliance, fresh gas and leakage, maintain accurate tidal volumes, and ensure that what you set is what you get
PEEP can be maintained regardless of the ventilation mode and supports real-time visual display

Excellent breathing circuit system

Compact, integrated design, closed, semi-closed system;
built-in flow sensors,convenient and precise;
PPSU plastic circuit,corrosion resistance,long service life and fully autoclavable at 134°C;
Easy to disassemble and convenient to clean, save more maintenance time;
Built-in heater and the medium copper plate eliminate the condensation of the internal water vapor effectively;
Co2 vaporizer installation design, more sample and fast;
With By-pass function enable soda lime canister change during operation.

High quality vaporizer

Simple operation, fast transportation
3000ml high-capacity, cost saving.
Selectatec compatible interlock safe system
The range of flow rate and concentration fully meets the demand of micro flow rate.
The temperature range 10-40°C enable precise concentration control under extremely condition.
It provides sevoflurane vaporizer, isoflurane vaporizer, ammonia vaporizer anddesflurane vaporizer.

Phasein CO2 and AG module

Automatically identify CO2, N2O and various anesthetic gas monitoring functions ,
CO2 waveform available

AX-700 Anesthesia Machine

Pass CFDA, CE certificate;
It is safety and stability;
High precision electronic flow meter, clean and neat interface;
Course and precision turning design separately;
It is compact, elegant, and fresh with pure white appearance;
Suitable for major, medium and minor operation;
12.1” four-way rotating touch screen which is clear, smooth, easy to operation at all sight.Build-in powerful ventilator;
Integrated circuit system makes it more compact and convenient to operate;
COMEN and Dräger Vaporizer versatility, low lifecycle cost and proven reliability;
Perfect monitoring function and alarm system;
Special clinic operation experience;
Electronic flow meter is optional;

It is of high level,
good quality and perfect appearance;

O2, N2O, Air supply with optional backup cylinder support;
Parameter cable manager helps manage the cables easily to provide you a
much clean operation room;
Three auxiliary outputs simplify power wires configuration in operation room;
GCX rail in DIN standard application enable function extension;
Care for Patient, anaesthetist, hospital: 12.1”Touch screen, workbench illumination, flowmeter backlight, precise anesthesia ventilator, advanced ventilation modes, suitable for surgery from low to high risk, simple to complex, pediatric to obese patient; Nowadays improving the efficiency of healthcare workers is especially important along with the rise of patients ; Bilanx is your better choice in anesthesia field.
Rivaled the ICU ventilators in quality, full range of ventilation modes to meet requirements for different high-risk surgeries;
PSV and SIMV provide perfect weaning solution, reduce ventilator fighting and the need for sedation or narcosis.
PEEP can be maintained regardless of the ventilation mode and supports real-time visual display.
From appearance design, operation system to AGSS, ACGO, high temperature sterilization, anesthesia Information System, The Bilanx not only provides state-of-the-art therapy solution, but also Optimize the workflow base on user's requirement; Equipped with our C90 modular monitor to achieve seamless connection of patient's monitoring information.
12.1 inch touch screen, simply user interface for fast operating control.
Speed startup, self check,automatic leakage test, central brake system, CO2 by-pass, innovative Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO) provide you more perfect workflow and distinctive clinical operation experience.
Compactable, Neat and elegant.
Rotatable drawer with larger capacity, Larger table.
Integrated parameter and cable management.
Integrated breathing circuit system, built-in flow sensors.
Suitable for major, medium and minor operation.
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