Why do we choose specialized neonatal monitor?

Because of its function
Because of its accuracy
Because of the safety it provides
Because of its easy operation
Because of its focus on neonates
Neonates are a very special group whose BP, ECG and SpO2 are of great differences from the adult's. Measurement of ECG, HR and RESP is usually inaccurate when using traditional monitors. Also inexperienced nurses always accidentally adopt adult mode to measure neonate's blood pressure, which will easily bruise neonate's arm. Based on neonate's needs, Comen creates the world's first specialized neonatal monitor,which is safer, more accurate, more stable and more convenient.
Why to choose specialized C60

Cuff pressure

1st inflation pressure 160mmHg

1st inflation pressure 100mmhg
Use adaptable digital signal processing, creatively use 0~150mmHg low BP
Adap-Dsp algorithm to ensure accuracy.

If use adult mode to measure neonate, 160mmHg cuff pressure might hurt its arm, one neonatal measurement mode can avoid such negligence.
ECG signal
Strong, low frequency
Weak, high frequency
Regarding neonate's high HR/RESP and weak ECG signal, Comen specially develops
ExNeo®ECG Technology, only for neonates.
Peripheral arterial perfusion index


Remain static

Active, cannot keep still
Masimo SpO2 technology guarantees accurate measurement during weak perfusion and motion.
Apnea self-saving
Detect apnea symptom, activate alarm and self-save the baby before staffs get there
O2 concentration Monitoring
Real time monitoring of oxygen concentration
inside the incubator, which is very important
1cuff, 1 SpO2 detector
4 cuffs, 2 SpO2 detectors
Neonate's are different from adult's.
Professionals from different apartments
Professionals from Neonatology
Love and only love C60's focus

Specialized Neonatal Monitor C60

Innovative functions >>

Adap-DSP (Adaptable digital signal processor)

Apnea self-saving function

The exclusive apnea self-saving function can stop sleep apnea
and relieve neonate of the danger so as to fully care for them.

Oxygen concentration monitoring

Through oxygen sensor monitoring the oxygen
concentration, medical staff can learn at any time
the change of oxygen concentration inside the incubator.

I-KLOK®Intelligent Alarm

E.g.: HR alarm setting

< 30 ; > 140

Accuracy >>

ExNeo®ECG Technology

According to neonate's HR features, use Comen's latest ExNeo®
ECG Technology to guarantee the accuracy of measurement.
Use anti-motion RESP measuring technology, with apnea alarm.
Specialized neonatal ECG cable and electrodes pass.

Safety >>

Adap-DSP®(Adaptable digital signal processor)

160mmHg cuff pressure will easily bruise neonate's arm when adult
mode is accidentally used to measure neonate's BP. The one and
only measurement mode in C60 can avoid such negligence.
Regarding neonate's low BP and weak perfusion, use Adap-DSP®
to make BP measurement more accurate.

Operability >>

Handwriting input

Touch screen, support handwriting input.

Love and only love
C60 for its focus

Handwriting input

8.4”TFT touch screen, support
handwriting input

Extended functions

USB port: can extend memory, easy to save files in computer and
read cases, can connect Lenovo/HP and other printers.

Network port: wired/WIFI network to connect up to 128 beds to
central monitoring system.Built-in WIFI module optional.

Portable design

Lightweight and compact, easy to carry.
Lithium battery (standard config) with
over 4hrs working time.

Various mounting solutions

Easy to mount on the wall, trolley or IV pole, save space.

One neonatal measurement mode for blood pressure

In the traditional monitors there were three blood pressure measurement modes: adult, pediatric and neonate mode.
The initial inflation pressure in adult mode is 160mmHg while it is 100mmHg in neonate mode. If medical workers
accidentally choose adult mode to measure neonate's blood pressure, neonate's arm will probably be bruised.

C60 is a specialized neonatal monitor with only one blood pressure measurement mode. C60 uses hardware & software
double protection to ensure cuff pressure is below 150mmHg during measuring. The duration of cuff pressure higher
than 5mmHg is also no more than 90s, which can avoid bruising neonate's arm. In the short-term auto-measurement mode,
after each measurement, neonate's cuff pressure reduces to below 5mmHg and its duration should be no less than
2s so as to allow normal venous return.

Shock-resistant and anti-fall

C60 cares for neonate as always whether they are
during the emergency transport or in the open field
under adverse circumstances.

ExNeo®ECG Technology

According to the character of neonates'HR, use the latest COMEN
ExNeo® ECG Technology to guarantee the accuracy of measurement.
Anti-motion respiration testing technology, apnea alarm
Specialized neonatal ECG cable and electrodes

Adap-DSP®(Adaptable digital signal processor)

C60 enhance the anti-interference capability of the NIBP measurement and
ensures the data accuracy in neonate movement status
According to the low blood and low perfusion character of neonate, COMEN
uses Adap-DSP® system to provide more accurate measurement
Specialized neonate measurement mode, soft & hard over-pressure protection

Masimo SpO2

Use Masimo SpO2 technology, Specialized neonatal suffocation
self-saving function equipped with oxygen
density monitoring function

Apnea Self-saving monitoring

Unique neonatal Apnea Self-saving monitoring solves the
suffocation symptom brought by Apnea neonatorum,
gives superior care to the neonates.

Oxygen concentration monitoring function

Medical stuff can command and acquire the history of incubator oxygen
density through monitoring oxygen density with oxygen density sensor.

I-KLOK®, the unique intelligent alarm system

Auto-identify alarm level as low, middle or high based on the parameter;Different sound/light
alerts for different alarm level;Come with alarm time delay with adjustable setting;
Auto-print alarm events;Superior to traditional alarm system,
adequate to clinical applications;Reduce the number of
times of false alarm or meaningless alarm.

E.g.: Heart rate alarm setting

> 30;< 140




Passive cooling design, ultra silent

Satisfy the demand of sterilized indoor environment and solve neonate's highly-sensitive-to-noise problem
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