Why does STAR8000 have good price?

For general ward, IBP, AG, BIS and C.O. monitoring are barely used. STAR8000E only reserves six parameters, which
optimizes its performance, lowers the cost and fully meets basic monitoring needs.

Exceptional functions as well as quality

STAR8000E is refined and with superior quality. Designed strictly according to CE standards, it is stable and durable with strong
anti-interference ability. Comen inspects every procedure during R&D and manufacturing as per international standards, and
carries out clinical trials in hospitals to make sure each product is highly qualified.
Parameters: ECG/HR, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP, TEMP;
Comen’s CardioTec TM ECG Monitoring Technology allows 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis,
and improved accuracy of ECG signal measurement;
Comen’s Diox TM Digital SpO2 Technology enables accurate measurement under weak perfusion and finger trembling situation;
AcuTec TM Blood Measuring Technology and the study of hemodynamic features of high-risk patients to guarantee precise BP measurement.
Based on general ward’s practices, STAR8000E eliminates redundant functions, optimizes its performance,
and improve the accuracy and anti-interference ability, becoming the most practical and proper monitor for the ward.
Six parameters
capacity battery
Central Monitoring
Parameter: ECG/HR, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP, TEMP
12.1”TFT LCD
Multi-language operation system
Built-in high capacity battery with over 2hrs stand-by time
Compatible with STAR8800 Central Monitoring System (CMS), support
wireless and wired connection with CMS
USB and SD card data storage
Power failure data autosave
USB software upgrade online
NIBP dust cover
ST segment analysis
Arrhythmia analysis

Very easy to operate

Easy and convenient to operate,
facilitate users and improve work efficiency
Clear big font
Sharp and isolated BP knob
Triple and multi-level
Sound/Light/Screen alarm
Fixed handle

Multiple mounting solutions
Nurse call system

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