The first modular obstetric
monitor in the world

Basing on the demand of specialized monitor specialized use, with
years' experience of specialized monitor manufacturing, Comen launches
C20 Obstetric Monitor, the first modular obstetric monitor in the word.

Application scenarios

Regarding obstetric care, we not only care about the fetus, but also the mother. Usually, it needs different monitoring function during
antepartum examination, antepartum first aid, intrapartum and postpartum recovery. Just in one gravida care, it might
needs fetal monitor, fetal&Maternal monitor, emergency transport monitor and multi-parameter patient monitor.
Using too many monitors makes work more complicated, so Comen launched the first modular obstetric monitor
C20 Obstetric Monitor in the world, the monitor can meet all demand from obstetric care, makes work easier.

Integrated modular design

The multi-measurement module comes to emergency transport and postpartum monitoring, the module with 4.3”touch
screen is also a standalone transport monitor, and it flexible meets the demand of postpartum transport and recovery monitoring.

Human-friendly slide screen

C20 Obstetric Monitor carries Comen's brand-new ConxOS operating system. ConxOS is specific OS applied to the medical monitoring field;
it uses preemptive Real-time multitasking technology, integrates with the current most advanced multi-process mode, the terse
and effective system overhead &resource utilizations insure more smooth running. As a medical monitoring software,
ConxOS's stability and accuracy offers operation security for medical staff, as well as great 3D visual touch experience in
the creation of ergonomics.

High precision thermal printer

C20 Obstetric Monitor has build-in 152mm high precision thermal printer with 144mm effective print width.
Its intellectualized Cali-Rec printing calibration function can automatically adjust the paper and
solve the problem of paper jam and paper deflection.
It is able to detect and close the printer cover in real time and prompt remind information on the screen.
Human-oriented design can prevent error operation and improve clinical effectiveness.

Support internal/external printer

Internal thermal printer as well as external laser printer via USB connection;
report of overall score printed in A4 paper, cost saving, long-time storage of cases;
electronic version of pictures printed auto-saved in USB disk for checking at any time;
support 3G teletransmission and software upgrade.

Automatic screen layout

Transducers plug and play with automatic screen layout

Timed monitoring

The timed monitoring can be set based on clinical
real need, avoids fetus harm from timeout monitoring

Three-dimensional touch screen

When you press the icons on the new designed touch screen, icons will be concave,
giving you a three-dimensional and intuitive touching experience.

Intelligent screen protection functions like auto-standby,
wake up event, timed shutdown
Manually/automatically record FM,
auto-grading, timed printing function

Integrated modular design

The multifunctional C20 Obstetric Monitor achieves full monitoring before, during and after birth. Also, it can incorporate C30 and use it
at the same time. As a module, C30 can assist C20 during emergency transport, postnatal transport and postnatal recovery.

Flip touch screen

12.1” LED backlit display, thinner than LCD, high luminance, multiple colors, save 40% energy,
environmental-friendly, last longer.

Transducer hook

Hidden on the right side of the device, simple and practical, giving the monitor an elegant look

Smart transducers with

The ports of monitor are the same, support
auto-recognition the transducers of FHR,TOCO
and Marker. Transducers plug and play with screen
layout, the interface is automatically adjusted base
on the number of transducers. The function allows
focus on patient care, not the system, avoids
mis-operation and improves clinical work efficiency.
Life is the world’s most amazing wonder. Care for life, start from obstetrics.
But Comen wants to do more by not only attending to fetal health,
but also maternal vitals. We understand that prenatal examination,
childbirth and postnatal recovery are different sections.
To achieve all those functions in one monitor is a huge technical obstacle.
Comen’s R&D team work hard and make it simple and finally create the
specialized obstetric monitor that can be used before,
during and after birth. It fully meets the need of full monitoring in obstetrics.

Antepartum examination

To share the excitement and happiness with new mother

Antepartum emergency rescue

Two lives, the same professional

Intrapartum monitoring

Care for you all the way

Postpartum transport

The "escort" responsible for life

Postpartum recovery

Loving you all the way through
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