Caring, start from new life

STAR5000C is so popular lies in that it makes the pregnant feel safty with its care.

From this moment

Take full care for the health of mother&
baby and enjoy life happiness.

Turnable LCD

Touch screen, simple and convenient to use;
12.1”turnable LCD, multiple angles to choose for better observation,
Fully meets your requirements.

Powerful printing function

112mm wide thermal printer, Z-fold paper are available.

From this moment

take full care for the health of mother&baby and enjoy life happiness.

Powerful print

112mm wide thermal printer, Z-fold paper are available.

Big FontWaveform report

Big font display is convenient for monitoring in distance

Trend graph

12, 48, 96 hours trand graph selectable

All-parameter twins monitoring

9 parameters monitoring interface, timely monitoring for both mother and fetus

Analysis report

Waveform report

List report

Powerful storage and record system

60 hours all-parameter real time displaying, 96 hours trendgraph, 400 groups trend list, no audio storage.

Alarm system

Intelligent 3-level audio/visual alarm, more accurate analysis.

Networking system

USB socket for software upgrade, ethernet socket supporting wire/wireless central monitoring for maximum 128 units.

Simple operation mode

Simple mode design, 12.1'' color TFT touch screen.

Hidden handhold, convenient to carry

External printer is available

12- crystal pulse wave sensor, for capturing more
accurate FHR signal.

Be able to upgrade

Adopted the internal design concept of "full modularization", STAR5000C is built in with advanced ARM system, perfect fetus module,
ECG module and blood pressure module, which make maintenance and upgrading more convenient.
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