Powerful printing function

112mm-wide thermal recorder, rolled & folded paper applicable

Touch screen

Simple, convenient and comfortable to use

Multiple interfaces

Three parameters/big font/parameter list interfaces to choose for different needs;
Can define colors for waveforms and parameters;
Support patient information input;
Specific fetal auto-grading function for better clinical decision making.

Powerful storage and replay system

720 hours'real-time all-parameter waveforms, 30 days'trend chart, 400 groups of trend lists and one hour audio storage and replay;
Distinctive feature: sync replay of audio and waveform to present the real-time scene.

Alarm system

Intellectualized sound/light double alarm, 3-level alarm and apnea alarm functions; Alarm events review;
Timely notification and accurate patient information review.

Networking system

USB software upgrade port and Ethernet port;Data input according to HL7 standard;
Ethernet, wired and wireless network connections;Central monitoring system can take in up to 128 monitors.

From this moment

Comprehensive care for babies and mothers,
enjoying the joy of new life

Hidden handle

Elegant, lightweight and portable, caregivers' favorite

Optional external printer

Internal & external printer available, improving printing quality and reducing cost;
More practical, with good cost performance.


12-wafer probe with wide beam to accurately catch FHR signals


Adopted the internal design concept of "full modularization", STAR5000C is built in with advanced ARM system,
perfect fetus module, ECG module and blood pressure module, which make maintenance and upgrading more convenient.
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