The best high-end modular monitor

Aligned with the world's leading vitals monitoring technology
and IT application technology, to create the best high-end
monitor and provide the most comprehensive monitoring solution.


C90 is indispensable in ICU after operation.
It can update doctors in monitoring center
and sound the alarm when there is a condition.
Timely heads-up isvital to control the
disease and facilitate the recovery.

Comprehensive data displayed

Functional module unlimitedly scalable, auto-identify
software, auto-adjust interface.

4+1 slots

4+1 slots for functional modules, support hot plugging, free combination of any module,
data transmitted via infrared between module and monitor.

Digital application

Getting ready for All-in-one Search Engine in the future
electric information integration.

Digital application

All-in-one Search technology can integrate data in C90 and other bedside monitors, and real-time display and review data. Based on the hospital information network, RIS, PACS, LIS and other department information systems can be integrated for better clinical applications.
Digital ICU life
information solution
Built-in ICU electronic medical record
system (lncluding temperature chart
and flaid balance)
Perfect physiological score system
(lncluding Apache Ⅱ and Apache Ⅲ )
Powerful of integrating (Connected
to ICU equipment such as vetilator
and infusion pump,etc)
To realize multi-platform using of
various kinds of medical information
(Such as PACS images )
Digital OR life
informtion solution
Comprehensive clinical equipment information
(connected OR equipment such as anesthesia
machine and infusion pump,etc)
Built-in electronic record system
Automatic acquisition of physiological indications
and important events during perioperative period
Convenient input mode

Come standard with C30

The versatile C30 module monitors 6 parameters and
has a 4.3" LCD and an independent operation system.
It can be used as a module of C90 or work on its own.

Stable materials

Al-Zn alloy radiator unit with excellent heat-dissipating effect;
Gold-plated conductive contact with strong conductivity;
Injection molding by the cutting-edge KrausMaffei machine;
Molds processed and manufactured by the first-class
producers like Cincinnati Processing and Charmill;
C90 is super stable and reliable.

360-degree view of the alarm

360-degree view of the alarm light, distinct three
colors to identify physiological alarm and technical alarm.

Infrared transmission

Module data transmitted through infrared light

Comprehensive data displayed

Up to 12 channels of waveforms displayed on
the same screen, free combination and switching
of any parameter waveform; medical record
informatization, complete patient hospital records
available to review detailed monitoring
information of all vital signs.

Handwriting function

Brand new touch-enabled screen, awesome experience
with the touch effect, support handwriting and word input.

Module MAP

Super fast to identify modules and switch interfaces
without screen flickering; module status showed on the screen.

I-Klok®,the unique intelligent alarm system

Auto-identify alarm level as low, middle or high based on the
parameter; Different sound/light alerts for different alarm level;
Come with alarm time delay with adjustable setting;
Auto-print alarm events; Superior to traditionnal alarm system,
adequate to clinical applications; Reduce the number of
times of false alarm or meaningless alarm.

E.g.: HR alarm setting


C30 (optional), the hospital admission and discharge solution

Emergency Transport Monitor C30 can be a module for C90, making seamless data transfer in and out of hospital possible.
When C30 and C90 are working together, synchronous dual display is available.
C30 and C90 can "communicate" with each other; data in any C90 can be transferred and shared through C30.
Built-in 2,600mAh li-ion battery, allow hot plugging.

On-site first aid

Put onto an ambulance

Lifted onto a stretcher

Sent to emergency room

After C30 is connected to C90, C90
takes over control and starts working.

Transferred from
emergency room to OR

Rescued in OR

C90 monitors patient’s whole conditions in
the OR. 12-lead ECG displayed synchronically
on the same screen provides accurate data
to surgeons for better judgments. The perfect
combination of anesthesia machine, ventilator
and C90 helps doctors to better control
surgery hours.

Transferred from OR to ICU


C90 is indispensable in ICU after operation.
It can update doctors in monitoring center
and sound the alarm when there is a condition.
Timely heads-up isvital to control the
disease and facilitate the recovery.

Transferred to general ward

When patient feels better and becomes
stable, s/he can be transferred to general
ward. Patient’s case history in OR and ICU
will also be transmitted to C90 via C30 to
make sure the continuity and real-time
update of data.

Medical record archiving

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