New stacking system

Central control base with integrated design can control
multi-channel infusion at the same time, convenient
for doctors and nurses to use.

Well-designed intelligent alarm system

With real-time monitoring, data review, alarm recording
and drug management functions, it is a complete new
infusion workstation.

Accurate infusion speed

Double CPUs design; infusion precision reaches ±3%
when two CPUs are monitoring each other, ensuring
infusion safety and preventing accidents.

Suitable for syringe with the maximum range

12 kinds of syringes provided by different manufacturers are suitable;
achieve high precision infusion when choosing the right specification;
other syringes of different specifications can be used after calibration.

Good applicability

Can use 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml syringe; auto-identification
and display on the panel of the syringe specification when it is
mounted into the system.

Multiple data port

USB port, nurse call port, network cable port,
serial line port, aLL are ready for use.

Pressure alarm system

Dial plate type pressure alarm indicator provides
instant & clear monitoring during whole infusion

High resolution display

7 inch high resolution screen makes delighted
visual experience.

M200 has it all

Suitable for multiple units like ml/h, ug/h, mg/h, ug/kg/h,
mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min and mg/kg/min in clinical applications,
M200 has it all.

Unlimited storage memory

More than 500 patient records can be recorded
in internal memory.

Mechanical clutch

Push bar was designed with mechanical clutch, to guaranty
stable fixation of the piston. Moreover, self-exam system can
make sure everything is correctly prepared before infusion.

Hang clamp design

A properly designed hang clamp is on the side of the pump,
for placing accessories during infusion procedure.

Portable design

Simple and elegant handle make
it easy to carry.

Foldable clip

Foldable clip on back of pump makes
installation and removal easier.

Safe structure

The ever easiest device to install, removal or lock.
What's more, M200A exams every installation
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