High performance and accurate measurement

Comen ECG has high performance, Time constant≥5s,stand
voltage≥±650mv, provide a strong guarantee for the accurate
5.7 inch TFT color screen,
easy for observation
Internal aluminum alloy rack ,
shockproof, Anti-interference
Report is clear and smooth
Internal modular design,
easy for maintenance
Alphanumeric keyboard
Buttonlight for button


5.7 inch TFT color screen
Lead status indication
Simple & clear keyboard layout, back light support
Internal memory of 300 ECG records
High accurate digital filter (EMG filter, AC filter, Drift
filter, lowpass filter)
122 kinds of diagnosis report
120 seconds ECG waveforms review and print
Support 210mm rolling, Z-folded paper
USB port for external printer connection & data transmission
PC-ECG management system
Working mode: Auto, Manual, Rhythm


Lead status map interface
General setup interface
Patient information
input interface
Print setup interface

Various printing various printing format

Printing Format: 12X1, 6X2+1R, 3X4+1R, auto analysis
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