Distinctive emergency transport monitor

With different size
Different structure
Different battery
Different bag
Different operation system
Different user
But the same provider-- Comen
COMEN C30 is a new generation of specialized ambulance & transport monitor. It is designed according to the rescuing
site and ambulance transportation monitoring requirements for practicability, convenience and reliability of emergency
treatment, first aid and transportation. It adopts PC/ABS high-strength project plastics, high-reliability Linux operation
system and high-brightness scratch-prevention LCD. It is equipped with specialized first -aid monitor bag with
fitting management pack and first-aid devices collection pack able for multi-carry . The entire machine is portable, solid,
reliable, stable, waterproof,fireproof and anti-falling. It can also be displayed clearly under strong sunshine in the field.
And it can be used under various kinds of severe environment to meet demand of medical users such as troops and hospitals,
during emergency treatment, first aid and transportation in the field.

Module for complete hospital monitoring

C30 as a measurement module of C90 and C70, it supports
seamless monitoring, and continuity patient data transmission.

Module for obstetric monitoring

C30 is compatible with STAR5000F for the monitoring of
antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum. And it flexible
meets the demand of postpartum transport and
recovery monitoring.



82 mm
190 mm
105 mm

Standard configuration


Optional configuration

EtCO2 Nellcor SpO2

Lightweight and flexible

It is only 1.2kg, lightweight, flexible and portable. Doctors can
combine it with other devices based on their needs, which
reduces medical staffs' workload.

Waterproof, shock-resistant, anti-fall

Compact and portable, IPX1 waterproof, shock-resistant, shatterproof when falling from 1.2m high, fully meet the requirements
of emergency rescue in or out of hospital, care for lives in every second.

Multi-function bag

The well-equipped emergency bag has accessory pocket, first aid kit pocket,
which is well organized. It can be carried in several ways.

Sturdy, stable and durable

The bag shall protect the monitor, which also indirectly concerns
patient’s safety. So we choose the sturdy and durable material to
make sure the monitor to be safe, reliable and stable.

Several ways to carry

Since C30 is designed for emergency use, Comen specially equips it
with a multi-function bag. It can be carried like a shoulder bag,
hung on the stretcher or ambulance, in accord with different
wearing habits.

1.For first aid scene

Comen C30 is born for emergency transport. It only weighs 1.2kg, lightweight, compact and portable. It enables doctor
to reach the accident scene ASAP for immediate treatment without wasting every precious second.

2.For military rescue

C30 survives every kind of extreme environments. It can display data very clearly under the strong sunlight in an open field,
meeting the requirements of military and hospitals for first aid, emergency rescue and transport.

3.For obstetrics and complete hospital monitoring (1+1>2 efficacy)

C30 can not only be used at the first aid site, but also as a module for C70, C90 and STAR5000F,
exchanging patient data among monitors.
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