Comen, focus on the upgrading of specialized monitoring industry.

There was only the general purpose monitor in the areas of conventional monitor. which means the suppliers provide the same type of monitor to the hospitals,
so that different departments have to use the same instruments. According to the research, Comen has found that in different departments: the physiological
characteristics of the patients are different, the treatment methods are different, and the environments of using device are also different.
For different hospital departments, research and development 'The most special monitor' is truly to fulfill the actual demand of customers.
Comen is committed to advocate the concept of 'specialist dedicated monitor'. Developed the dedicated neonatal monitors, cardiovascular monitors,
obstetrics monitors, emergency transport monitors and other new products, leading a New Wave of the transformation and upgrading in the monitor industrial.

History is always a striking similarity

The evolution of car

The evolution of computer

The evolution of monitor

The model T car
Off-road vehicle / SUV
Sports car
Desktop computer
PC / Personal computer
Neonatal Monitor
Patient Monitor
Emergency / Transport Monitor


The first neonatal monitor in the world

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Specialized Cardiovascular Monitor ≥ Modulai monitor + ECG + VCG aooaratus + Telemetry monitor

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New Generation Of Specialized Ambulance
Transport Patient Monitor

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It is designed according to rescuing site and ambulance transportation monitoring requirements for practicability,
convenience and reliability of emergency treatment, first aid and transportation. It adopts PC/ABS high-strength
project plastics, high-reliability Linux operation system and high-brightness scratching-prevention LCD. It is equipped
with specialized first -aid monitor bag with fitting management pack and first aid device collection pack able for
multi-carry . The entire machine is portable, solid, reliable, stable, waterproof, fireproof and anti-falling. It also can be
displayed clearly under strong sunshine in the open air. It also can be used under various kinds of severe environment
to meet the demand of medical agents such as troops and hospital during emergency treatment, first aid and
transportation in the field.


Classic Continuation
Continuous Innovation

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C70 inherited the outstanding character of our modular Monitor C90
and adopted with highly integrated modular mechanical structure, it
efficiently combines the structure, function and maintainance management.
C70’s single-module and multi-module can combinate at will to meet the
upgrade in Clinical needs. C70 opens a new generation in modular
monitor field.

The No.1 Obstetric Modular Monitor

Creative Integrated Modularized Design

In obstetrics, we take care of both fetus and pregnant women.
Different monitors will be used during the process of prenatal diagnosis,
premature rescue, delivery, postpartum recovery. Traditional obstetric
care equipment, including fetal monitor, emergency transport monitor,
maternal / fetal monitor and multi parameter monitor, makes monitoring
complicated. However, COMEN makes it simple and creates the C20 specialized
obstetric monitor. C20 provides a variety of obstetric care equipment which
can meet all the demands in obstetrics.

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