Cutting-edge ECG technique

SimulTM vector monitoring function
CardioTec® 12-lead ECG function
ExNeo® Neonate ECG technique
NIVS® Fetus ECG technique
More innovation is going on……

Visual display the type and
location of arrhythmia

Direct measurement of VCG helps to determine the spatial and
orientation change of ECG activity, superior to traditional ECG in
diagnosing diseased right heart and posterior wall.

VCG is superior to traditional ECG in diagnosing and locating atrial
enlargement, ventricular hypertrophy and intraventricular block. It is
helpful to monitor myocardial ischemia during operation, estimate
myocardial infarction size and locate the bypass and source of VPB
(ventricular premature beat) before RFA (radiofrequency ablation).

The use of VCG projection concept provides reliable basis to analyze
the 3D space nature of ECG activity, so that many changes of ECG
are well explained. ECG clinical diagnosis and R&D level are improved.

ECG information solution

Patients push the patients' bed to do ECG examination?
Patients transfer frequently in the hospital?
ECG storage and check has problems?
ECG storage required large cost but can't be effectively applied?
Is there an advanced technology that can truly solve these complicated problems?
Comen ECG series are information-based solution that can provide considerate
care to hospitals, ECG & clinical doctors as well as patients.
To hospital: supported HL7 protocol, HIS protocol and PACS protocol,
it can connect with hospital net system to establish a newly digital information system;
To ECG doctor: Review the waveforms & diagnosis result directly from the
system at any moment;
To clinical doctor: Remote guidance and consultation to help analysis of
ECG diagnostic report;
To patient: No need to rush back and forth, receive timely diagnosis and treatment.
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