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CAMDI Neonatal Medical Committee was Founded in Shenzhen

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The 80th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF 2018 autumn) had formally inaugurated on Oct.29. Nearly 4000 medical device manufacturers from over 28 countries and about 120,000 visitors and buyers who are government procurement agencies, hospital buyers and dealers from over 100 countries and regions gathered in CMEF for trading and exchanges.

According to IFENG Guangdong website, during CMEF, neonatal medical committee of China Association for Medical Device Industry (CAMDI)(hereinafter refered as committee) & the first Chinese Neonatal Medical Industry Summit initiated by Shenzhen COMEN was held in conference center. Nearly 70 neonatologists and enterprise representatives participated in this summit.

Zhao Yixin, president of CAMDI spoken on the summit. FengZhichun, hospital president of Bayi Children’s Hospital and WuBenqing vice president of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Hospital were voted as honorary director and director of the committee respectively. Shenzhen COMEN was voted to be the committee’s deputy director general unit. CAMDI general secretary Xushan presented certificates to all 1st neonatal medical committee members.

Chinese Neonatal Medical Industry Summit onsite

The unique association focused on neonates

ZhaoYixin said on the summit, “China Association for Medical Device Industry (CAMDI) has actively responded to the strategic plan of building a healthy China put forwarded by Chinese government.  Neonatal medical development is an urgent and pressing mission and that’s why we decided to establish this committee. I wish neonatal medical committee will fully play its role as well as its advantages to provide services to members, government, enterprises, and medical institutions in near future.

CAMDI general secretary XuShan presented certificatesto all 1st committee members.

According to zhao, the full liberalization of two-child policy has injected new vitality into China's medical market and brought more vigorous demand. Especially rapidly developing neonatology, which has become the most dynamic and promising independent discipline in domestic medicine. It is under this background that the committee was established. It was also the only state-level industry organization specializing on neonatal medical treatment presently.

“The establishment of the medical branch plays an important role in the transformation of innovative technology, the establishment of product inspection standards and the realization of orderly development of neonatal medical technology and products.” Said WuBenqing, “now a lot of NICU devices were provided by local brand and more and more innovative domestic medical equipment manufacturers such as COMEN and David showcased their strength in medical equipment stage.”

Feng said several years ago Chinese neonatal medical equipment was mainly rely on international brands, till year 2010, with the rise of COMEN, MINDARY we are able to independently develop and produce monitors and other neonatal care products. Shenzhen ranks top in China on neonatal care products development, and COMEN is a representative of these medical manufacturers. Its products not only in leading status locally but also globally. It was exported to India, Southeast Asia and even developed countries like Italy and Germany.

All for the end users

According to IFENG Guangdong, committee member svisited COMEN booth after the summit. COMEN showed the audience its specialized monitoring products, NICU integrated solutions and Smart OR (digital operatingroom integrated solutions). Smart OR can satisfy various functions such as teaching demonstration, information storage, remote diagnosis, environmental control, device integration and IT docking. It was upgraded from previous integrated OR/ICU solution.

FengZhichun, committee honorary director & Bayi Children’s Hospital president visited COMEN booth with other committee members.

On the summit, Yi Yong, chairman of COMEN medical,gave a speech with the topic "All for the end users -- research and development thinkging of COMEN neonatal equipment". He said on his speech, the establishment of the medical branch can set up a cross-boundary platform for the administration, industry, education, research and medicine, and promote positive exchanges in the industry. This is also in line with COMEN’s end users focus philosophy. It was the neonatal monitor that brought COMEN to right direction. Comen C60 monitor, NV8 Non-invasive Ventilator, B8 incubate monitoring system as well as other NICU devices together made up of its integrated NICU solution.

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