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B8 Infant Incubator Release Conference Convened in Beijing

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Comen B8 infant incubator release conference was solemnly held at the 8th National Congress of Neonatologists in Beijing on March 30, 2018. More than 2000 participants including local and international neonatal specialists, academic leaders, department directors, committee members and medical equipment representatives joined together at this ceremony to witness the very moment when Comen B8 infant incubator launching to public.  FengZhichun, director of neonate branch of Chinese Medical Association, president of Bayi Children Hospital, YiYong,direct of board from Comen Company delivered a speech respectively at the conference.

B8 Infant Incubator released at the 8th National Congress of Neonatologists in Beijing

Dr. Feng spoke highly of B8 infant incubator at the release ceremony, he said it is because of gone through innumerable difficulties that Comen finally developed and manufactured this product under the condition that the majority Chinese neonate market was monopolized by international brands.  The realization of the Chinese dream can only be depended on practice and innovation. Comen devoted to providing extraordinary neonatal medical products to the end users with its "specialized product specific usage" product idea.

Feng Zhichun, president of Bayi Children's Hospital spoke highly of B8 Infant Incubator at the conference

YiYong introduced to the audiences Comen’s developing direction, that is to develop the best NICU solution all over the world. He said Comen has build up wide connection in all aspects of NICU industry with its comprehensive NICU products including the first neonate specialized product C60, the leading non-invasive NV8 ventilator as well as might be the most flexible and reliable neonate infant incubator B8.

He introduced to the audiences performances and advantages of B8 infant incubator from 4 aspects.  With “All for the end users” as the developmental ideology, Comen’s engineers had gone through numerous clinical researches in different hospitals at the beginning of the project initiative. Most of the materials are fully considered to use those advanced materials involved with high-teck in the world, for example, world leading heating system reducing failure rate down to percent per million.

Yiyong expressed his gratitude to Dr. Wu Benqing and President FengZhichun for their selfless help and instruction to the development and clinical research of B8 infant incubator.

ComenB8 MV and functional video also showcased at the release conference. This MV tells a moving story of how Comen engineer developed the B8 infant incubator step by step driving by his love to a nurse at the hospital, which also echoed with the product slogan ”when incubator encountered monitor, love drives technology”

Love drives technology”displayed at the conference

Comen’s development is the victory of "specialized product for specific usage", Comen will adhere to the developmental ideology "All for the end users" to continuously develop more new NICU products to customers and end users globally.

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