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A 30 weeks neonate rescued in Zhanjiang Nongken Hospital

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NV8 Neonatal Noninvasive Ventilator has saved more than 40 cases of neonate patients diagnosed with respiratory insufficiency after delivery since it was installed in Zhejiang nongken second hospital. The installation of NV8 neonate noninvasive ventilator enhanced treatment level of neonatal department in this hospital. Compared with pediatric CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) ventilator, NV8 has the advantages of providing bi-level positive pressure ventilation. The switching of high pressure and low pressure air flow help reducing patients breathing workload so as to expand unstable alveolar and increase lung capacity at end expiratory. All this confirmed NV8 Neonate Noninvasive Ventilator as a more practical and utility treatment equipment for breathing insufficiency neonate patients.It is not only its comprehensive ventilation modes, but also its small intubation ratio that makes it widely used and well accepted in the field of neonate respiratory support.

An emergency of rescuing a premature baby with only 30 weeks gestation age was recently carried out in the Neonate Department. The moment when the baby was transported to the hospital, his weight was only 1.45kg and his apgar score was only 2 points.

Director Zhu Kanxian from the Neonatal department organized the emergency surgery.

Director Zhu Kanxian was operating NV8 ventilator

The neonate was diagnosed with:

Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS)

Neonatal asphyxia

Premature infant


low-birth weight

A series of treatment procedures were applied including sputum aspiration, oxygen inhalation and airway opening, as well as respiration assisting with NV8 ventilator.

Director Zhu pointed out some important indicators and told medical staffs involved in the emergency surgery to pay special attention after analyzed and assessed the possible complications which may occur.

The neonate was finally out of danger after the emergency treatment, NV8 played a very importance role in the whole treatment process.

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