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Design Road of Comen D series Medical Supply Unites

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Comen’s D series medical supply system has experienced a year of insistent development before it came into market. It received favorable praises and warm welcome from end users since it was released. Today we invited Biyun Yu, project manager of medical supply system from Comen, to disclose with us his road of designing this product.

Appearance and function are of equal importance

We found 4 major problems during our visits in the hospitals at the primary stage of medical pendant investigation: first, the air flow in laminar area was disordered due to pendants’ obstacle of air flow, thus reducing cleanliness of the operation room; second, the pendant is prone to shake, causing medical staff to feel insecure and unreliable when operating it; third, unmanaged wires in the OR caused winding and dragging issues; fourth, products may slip off from the platform in the medical pendant.

After came back to the office, we immediately organized a meeting to discuss about these issues. Through carefully study the out shape of the competitors’ pendant, we found most of their cantilevers are of flat shape.  By using ANSYS-FLUENT flow simulation analysis, we found the airflow is reflected by the flat shape cantilever when it flowing downward to the cantilever.  Therefore, airflow turbulence occurred. If we change the shape of cantilever to arc, then most of the airflow will flow along the arc surface, so that air convection formed and disordered airflow avoided. This discovery proved that arc shape of the cantilever is beneficial to the cross-ventilation of airflow and improvement of cleanliness in the operation room.

The design of cantilever usually takes Chinese traditional architecture as its elements. Comen’s D series medical pendant ingeniously integrated ridge into its cantilever design. The ridge is diamond shape. The upper end is curvilinear, which highlights the sense of visual power from the shape.  In terms of performance, the diamond structure has high strength, giving people a sense of safety and stability. The box also uses diamond shape, which is in consistent with the cantilever shape, visually highlighting tough style of the whole product. Meanwhile, diamond shape allows multiple gas outlets and electricity sockets, so that an integrated platform with gas and electricity sockets and wire sockets is produced.  The trayer is designed with R-shape angle to make it outstanding with high strength visually.

Core parameters of the pendant

Medical pendant is a type of loading product with cantilever as its major strength bearing part.  We should consider not only its weight but also its loading capability while choosing the materials of the cantilever. Comen D8 cantilever adopts high strength aircraft magnalium materials to improve its loading ability while reducing its weight.

In terms of loading aspect, we use ANSYS WORKBENCH software to make 4 times loading simulation analysis and test the product in accordance with 4 times loading standard to guarantee its safety and reliability.

The switching box of electricity and gas source is one of another important part of a medical pendant. D8 series pendant is of modular design with integrated molding process, making it easier to maintain, more stable and reliable. The divide manner of electricity and gas source is flexible andcustomized to meet with different usage demands.

Processing in details

We keep steadfastly the philosophy of “All for the end users” to develop every small details of the product through in-depth research with end users, aiming at make a craft product never failing to attract any users.

In researching the competitor’s products, we found most of them have the problem of exposed screws on the surface of the product.  In an operation room, once the screws scratched someone, the consequence is unbearable. To solve this problem, we make headway with our efforts to encourage concealed screws design. So the overall product of D series pendants are integrated without a screw outside, beneficial to disinfection, and avoid contamination.

The box is designed with one-time molding process, with no gap or dead corner, which is beautiful and convenient for cleaning and disinfection. Anti-static spraying technology is adopted on the surface of the product to enhance its texture.

User experience is the best criteria

Each outstanding product will bring the users with special experience. To start from end users’ benefit, we must create a product better serving them. From function, the pendant realize connection of electricity and gas source and easier operation by locating the electricity sockets under 1.6M; from performance, it was equipped with a handle made from silicone for better adjusting and rotating the product.  Meanwhile, user feel confortable while touching on it. A lifting button is available to control the height of the pendant.  A direction arrow icon is printed on the button to help bette understanding its function.

Biyun Yu

Project director of Medical Ceiling System

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