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Comen donate $300,000 medical equipments to a hospital in Baise

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On August 17th, Yi Yong, CEO of Shenzhen Comen coordinated with professional experts from Shenzhen, Guangdong province to donate medical equipments worth $300,000 to the Affiliated Hospital of YouJiang Medical University for Nationalities in Baise, Guangxi.

Left:Lin Xu,deputy Party secretary of YouJiang Medical University for Nationalities; Right:Comen CEO  Yi Yong

With the help of  Midwestern Poverty Alleviation Office of China Primary Health Care Foundation ( herein after referredto as CPHCF),the donation activity went on smoothly. CPHC Foundation aims to fund and develop primary health care at the grassroots, especially in ruralpoverty-stricken areas. In response to the government's call, Comen waswillingly to donate the advanced medical equipment to Baise, the former revolutionay base ,including non-invasive neonatal ventilator, infant monitoring incubator, medicalceiling pendant etc. to make medical work easier and medical environment improved.

Comen OR/ICU all solution

At 8:30 in the morning, the donation ceremony was held on time. Yang Zeqiang, deputy director of Midwestern Poverty Alleviation Office of the Foundation, and Jin Xiangchao, director of  Secretariat’s External Publicity Office, attended the donation ceremony to witnessed this exciting moment, secretary-generalof Guangdong Medical Doctor Association, Chen Yunbin, vice principal of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital and other experts are also onsite. At this ceremony,director Yang, secretary-general Xiao, and principal Chen delivered a speech respectively.

The speaker : Director Yang zeqiang

The speaker :secretary general Xiao Nanfang

The speaker :principal Chen yunbin

Nong Changxiao, the vice president of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Baise Committee, extended warm welcome to the arrival of benevolent entrepreneurs, medical experts and the relevant governmentagencies , as well as expressed heartfelt gratitude to Comen for its donation. He said:“Comen not only brought advanced technology and high-quality products to Baise patients, but also further improved medical work efficiency so as to improved treatment level in Baisi. What's more, it is very important for medical treatment to provide  good-quality medical appliances to achieve targeted poverty alleviation in medical care"

Comen is a responsible high-tech enterprise to produce and sale medicale quipment worldwide. Just a few days ago, Comen also had donated patient monitors and emergency equipments to the Tibetan compatriots in Yushu to help conduct anesthesia diagnosis and treatment for local surgical patients.

The speaker :president  Nong Changxiao

"In the future,Comen will within its capability to continue provide assistance to those in need, futher make medical work easier and enable the patients to enjoy better medical services in Baise city, contributing it's strength and love to the construction of happy homeland and pursuing better life of Baise citizens. ”Chairman Yi Yong said.

The speaker : Comen CEO Yi Yong

On behalf of the hospital, LinXu, deputy Party secretary of YouJiang Medical University for Nationalities,expressed his sincere thanks to Comen and charitable expert groups.  At the same time, he mentioned that Comen specialized neonatal monitor is a good tiding for seriously ill newborns in hospitals and will become the magic weapon on the road of pediatric treatmentin a long run.

The speaker : party secretary LinXu

The medical and healthcare is an important componentof baise Livelihood , but also a weak link . In the form of assistance, in addition to donating equipment, Comen also brought together the Guangdong neonatologists to carry out technical poverty alleviation in Baise. After the donation ceremony, principal Chenyunbin, professor Gao Weiwei,  doctor of Pediatrics, professor Peng Wujiang, associatesenior doctor,professor Li Xiaodong,director of neonatology of Shenzhen Nanshan People's Hospital, professor Ye Zhenzhi,director of neonatology of Chinese Academy Of Medical Sciences, Shenzhen Center, etc. delivered a speech at the lecture with the theme of treatment for critical ill newborns, providing important references for issues such as neonatal noninvasive or high-frequency ventilation improvement, neonatalbrain injury monitoring, premature nutrition management, and vitamin D dose.

Expert lecture

Under the leadership of Baise, the benevolent experts, director of the Comen Guangdong Office LiuLiang, the director of the Guangxi Office Shao Fei and others came to the Baise Uprising Memorial Hall to lay wreaths to the monument in remembrance ofthe revolutionary martyrs of the Baise Uprising.

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