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Comprehensive Medical Equipments Solution Assist Chinese Medical Career

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In November, the "Private Hospital Construction Investment Comprehensive Solution (hereinafter referred to as the "private program") seminar was held in each province in China. The seminar was initiated by Shenzhen Anke Medical Corporation and was sponsored by Shenzhen Comen Medical Instruments Co., ltd, Shenzhen SonoScape Technology Co., ltd, Shenzhen Angell Technology Co., Ltd and Changchun DIRUI Industrial Co., Ltd. The five national leading medical equipments brands from different fields provide department level and hospital level equipments plan and solution for the majority of the private hospitals, which had set up a one-stop medical equipments purchasing platform that had been urgently demand by the hospitals, greatly improving the purchasing efficiency of the private hospitals and reducing procurement cost at the largest extent.

In this seminar, the five companies jointly launched the "General Hospital Departments and Products"and "Products in Each Departments" overall capital solution, including CT/MRI Department solution, X ray solution, Orthopedic Department solution, Ultrasound solution, Obstetrics solution, Anesthesia Department solution, Inspection Department solution and Comprehensive Hospital Monitoring solution.

Based on the local manufacture solution and image cloud hospitals solution and service, the Solution was initiated by the top industry medical equipments manufactures.

The funds, products and service plan urgently solved some problems faced with the private hospitals.

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