About Us

As one of the leading suppliers of medical devices and solutions, Comen shares with the world improved and exceptional products in six fields, which are electro-physiology monitoring, ECG diagnosis, ultrasonic maternal & fetal monitoring, anesthesia, neonatal nursing, and OR devices. Over 50,000 medical institutions and social healthcare centers are benefiting from Comen’s leading technologies, products and services.

At present, Comen possesses over 300 R&D engineers and three groups of R&D departments, which are electro-physiology monitoring, breathing & anesthesia and ceiling pendent. In addition, our headquarters of the production base is located in Shenzhen and our manufacturing center in Germany is now planning. Comen also attaches important to international talent strategy, to build 30 branch offices in domestic market and 9 subsidiary companies with over 100 foreign employees in abroad such as America, Germany, Russia, India, etc.

More than 60% of class 3-A hospitals is using Comen Medical Device. We also won good praise from famous hospitals such as First affiliated hospital of China Medical University, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, The general hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army, First affiliated hospital of Beijing University and West China Hospital of Sichuan University. In 2017, at the bidding of medical equipment which was organized by Health Commission of Sichuan Province, we successfully won more than 1100 units of Monitor products.

Recent years, Comen actively implements and promotes the strategy of whole intellectual property right including patents, trademarks and copyrights. By the end of the 4th quarter of 2017, the numbers of patents got to 418 items; PCT international patent was 37 items and copyright and trademark were about 118 items. We also got the trademarks in the following district and country: America, Mexico, EU, AU and India.

Comen, from small company setting up with only 8 employees to becoming international famous medical device supplier, it depends on the spirit of hard work and struggle. Just the enterprise culture of dream, honor and struggle, continuously drive Comen forward developing.

Manufacturing Quality

Quality policy of our company: pursuing technique innovation, pursuing remarkable quality and perfect service, pursuing customer satisfaction and the evergreen of the enterprise on the foundation of laws and regulations.

On the foundation of laws and regulations:

All products produced must pass the relative laws and regulations of ISO 13485 and should meet market requirements; standard management system for all products is required in our company.

Pursuing technique innovation, pursuing remarkable quality and perfect service, pursuing customer satisfaction and the evergreen of the enterprise is the target for whole colleagues.

Quality is the life, the benefit ,the image and the reputation of the enterprise.

Customer to the enterprise is just like mother to her baby, without customer no company can survive in the world. Only by translate customer’s requirements to the content of quality management system and then converted to specific instruction on each working position as well as practical action of each staffs, can the enterprise provides not only satisfactory products but also satisfactory services to the customers.

With higher and higher quality requirements by customer and the society, as a medical equipments manufacture we should inculcate and unceasingly improve the consciousness of customer-oriented service and relative laws and regulations to all our staffs; only by keeping continuous innovation vitality and steadily improving products and providing customer with perfect service can our enterprise be long-lasting and forever green.

The implement of quality policy

1、Through training, advertising and communication method to make the quality policy be well known and understand by all the staffs. Place the quality policy as the guidance and concept of our target on pursuing best quality, which is also the foundation of the development of our company.

2、Enterprise should translate the quality requirements to quality goals that can be implemented and measurement.(see ”Quality Goal”)

3、The company should input continuing suitability and effectiveness as the content of management review.

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